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~ Kathy M.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Weekend We Got a New Puppy:

Well, here he is, our new son, "J.D."  This afternoon, Cary and I went to Bend and picked up this little boy from a very special young woman named Kylie.  He was a year old in December, and is just as sweet as he can be.  J.D. is half Yorkie and half Norfolk Terrier.   He weighs 8 lbs., and Cary figured out that he cost us $3.75 per pound.  We got a steal of a deal!

Kylie named him "Johnny Depp", and calls him J.D.  I changed his middle name, so his new name is "Johnny Damon".  I couldn't resist. (Long time friends of Oregon Gifts know that my secret boyfriend is Johnny Damon, the baseball player.  So secret that he has never even heard of me, lol!)

Dana was pretty excited to meet J.D., 
and had to check out every inch of this guy.

Dana is huge.

 Our little family is now complete.

There is another part of this little story.  As I was looking through Craigslist for dogs, I found this darling little 5 lb. Chihuahua that needed a new home by March, because his peeps had to move.  He is such a doll, but I felt that he might be too fragile for our home (with Dana being so darn big).  I told my BFF April about him, and she fell in love and picked him up this morning as a surprise for her daughter.

Tatum and Willie Nelson are a happy pair! 

So, what did you guys do this weekend?

~ Kathy M. 

P.S. - I was having a hard time remembering "J.D." because one of my favorite daycare kids was named "D.J." and I kept getting mixed up.  We are going call him Johnny, with a nickname of Jon-Jon for short. Yes, just like the Kennedy boy.  

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Pamela said...

Mutt and Jeff--ha! Love the contrast between the two. My daughter breeds mastiffs so we're used to huge!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh, your new pup is adorable.

What did we do? My hubby and I went antiquing yesterday. Didn't buy much, but we had lots of fun looking, especially in the outdoor areas, because it was a glorious sunshiny day.

Little Nell said...

Two happy dogs in new homes, and by the look of The little girl's smile, she's very happy too. Well done Kathy, I can't match anything like that for my weekend!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, ladies.

Dana probably isn't that big compared to your dogs, Pamela.

Antiquing does sound like fun; glad that you had nice weather Susan and a good time.

Marilyn, I did feel like I accomplished some good! It all fell into place, both dogs, just like it was meant to be.

~ Kathy

Kathy A. Johnson said...

I didn't do anything half as exciting and wonderful as adopt a new dog--congratulations. J.D. (I'm smiling at the name change!) looks absolutely adorable. He and Dana will make quite the pair.

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

What a little darling! And what a contrast between the two dogs! Both beautiful :)

Deb Gould said...

Johnny Damon? You betcha! I'm a New Englander, a Red Sox fan from birth...and loved Johnny Damon when he played for the Sox. So, good name, good name! What a lucky pup, to have you and Cary for adoptive parents!
What did I do this weekend?
I shoveled...and shoveled...and shoveled some more!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Deb, that is when I discovered baseball and Johnny Damon ... when he was playing for the Red Sox. I can't believe that baseball dumped him when he was so close to getting into the Hall of Fame. He is an awesome person, as far as I can tell.

I bet your muscles are sore from all that snow shoveling!

Kathy M.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

JD is adorable! He's a lucky little guy. I'm glad that Dana likes her new adopted brother!

BECKY said...

Oh, what a funny combo you have! Small and a BIG white dog!! Congrats on getting your new little one

Gloria said...

Welcome, JD, aka Johnny!! He's adorable and I didn't even know you had that big other dog!!!! I love the pic of Cary with the dogs: Dana is like, "Hey, this is MY Dad." and little J.D. is looking to Cary like, "Please help me?" Adorable. Good luck and enjoy him, and blessings will come to little JD/Johnny having such a wonderful person as you for a Mom!


You certainly did good, finding a home not for one but two dogs! Congrats on your new friend!!

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