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Friday, February 22, 2013

What We Do On Winter Days:

J.D. (Johnny Damon) loves his bones.  He doesn't really love his scarf though, and always manages to take it off.  It keeps him busy.

On winter days, he decorates the living room with bones and toys. 

Sometimes, Johnny D. drags the "good" stuffed animals from the guest room into the Mom Cave and wrestles around with them until I take them away.  He is rather dangerous company for them.

We sure do love this little guy!
We have had him for almost two weeks now.

Dana models her new pink scarf.  She likes hers, and doesn't try to take it off:

This is one of Dana's favorite stuffed animals.  She doesn't tear hers apart or dig out it's eyes like J.D. does:

Dana and Johnny D. chase each other around the house in the mornings.  Their size difference always shows up more in pictures.  The little rascal goes underneath the coffee table to tease her, because he knows it takes to much effort for her to get to him there.  Dana sure is good to J.D.:

What do I do on winter days?  I do a lot of reading.  Here is my nest:

I am usually not far from a dog or two, and my remotes are handy. (I have two that don't work very well, Cary has one that does.)  

What does Cary do on a cold but sunny winter day?

He snowplows the grass.  Just because he can:

What do you guys do on winter days?

Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay safe!

Kathy M.

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Hart Johnson said...

I love that you have a little destructo-dog and a big gentle one... teehee Joel keeps his toys for ages, but his little friend Oliver can destroy one in a matter of an hour or so (so we pick them up if we know he's coming)

As for me and the snowy day... sitting at my desk at work pouting that the weekend is still 4 hours away...

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, those two pooches of yours are adorable. Love the scarves, even if they don't like them! Ha. You know what I'm doing - learning coding! Although I decided to take a little break and read a few blogs!

Kathy A. Johnson said...

I'm laughing at Cary snowplowing the grass "just because he can"! I hope he takes as much enjoyment doing that as you do in your cozy-looking nest. (I prefer your way of spending a cold winter day: curled up with a book and a dog or two.) You should steal that remote while he's out snowplowing the yard! Oh, do seem to love their remotes, it would be too cruel to deprive him.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

I meant also to say that your dogs are adorable with their scarves and their morning routine of chase. Dana is such a sweetheart and J.D. is so, so cute.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hart ... JD gets so excited when he secures a new stuffed animal, and they are all over the place! He doesn't always ruin them but he chewed the eye out of one and I was afraid that he would swallow it.

Lynn, I hope that you have a great weekend too and get lots of homework done. Thanks for the card!

Kathy, thank you, and Lol! I looked out there and thought what in the heck is he doing? I guess he missed seeing his green grass.

About the remote, we had one for the living room and one for the bedroom. We never watch t.v. in the bedroom, so I brought that one into the living room so that we each had one. I thought that I was petty smart, though he took the credit for it, of course. Then one day his fell in-between the couch cushions and he fell asleep on it. After that, it would only do sound and not change the channels. Well you KNOW who got stuck with that one. Then, the cable guy had to come for some reason and I asked for another one. He gave it too us, but then decided to adjust it in a way that doesn't work for us regarding the sound and we can't figure out how to fix it. So now I have one for sound and one for switching channels. Oh well.

~ Kathy M.

Terra said...

Your dogs are so cute and so different, in personality, looks and size. How good that your big dog is nice to your new little guy.

Linda Reeder said...

Looks like the doggies are good company for everyone, including each other.
On this winter day we had breakfast out with friends, and then I had a physical fitness session. Back home, I sorted through photos and posted another blog, and caught up on Facebook and e-mail. After my lunch hour with the newspaper, I spent two hours exercising, on the stationary bike, reading a book, and going through my long list of physical therapy exercises. I roasted a chicken for dinner, and now, this evening, I'm settled in my recliner, with a fire in the fireplace, the TV on, and my laptop in my lap. Kitty has spent most of the day sleeping. Tom spent hours working on genealogy on the computer.

Lovely's Blot said...

My OH would also snowplough the grass if we had any snow! What is it about men and big pieces of machinery? I wouldn't be able to get the dog as neat and tidy looking as yours though!

Bookie said...

Thanks, Kathy, for leaving a comment on my blog about writing! I had 30 reads but only 4 comments. I never know if that means readers agreed or hated it!

What kind of a dog is Johnny D? About how much does he weigh. We have been looking for a dog, would love shepherd mix but thinking they are TOO big for us as we age. Johnny D does look to be a little hairy, ha! My hubby is leery of hair as we had a Schnauzer for years and he was either hairy or we had to cut him ourselves....he hated clippers. We had to shape him ourselves with scissors...long and messy job!

Tammy said...

Your little dog and person family is the picture of contentment!

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