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~ Kathy M.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Sunday in March:

Yesterday, Cary and I drove into Bend and ate lunch at Sidelines, a sports bar that we enjoy.  Just like we did the last time we were there, Cary had a Cobb Salad with chicken and I had a California Omelet (turkey, tomatoes, cheese and avocado).  It was all very good and the prices were reasonable.

As we left, we took a short walk around downtown.  There was a breeze and it was cold, so we didn't stay long.  We went to the plaza near Mirror Pond. After wading through some Earth people and greeting an unleased pit bull, I took the pretty picture above.  The Three Sisters were quite stunning in the background.

We noticed some changes in Downtown Bend. The Mirror Pond Gallery is there no more.  A Bike shop and "The Bike Cafe" have taken it's place.  The Indian restaurant next to the Wall Street Bar has also changed hands.

Leaving downtown, we went to Fred Meyer to get Cary some new jeans and shoes.  We were floored to learn that Levi's are now $47.99.  What the heck?  They used to be $32.00, and we dated ourselves as Cary remembered when they were $5.00 per pair, and I remembered when they were $6.00.  (I was in ninth grade and bought some with my babysitting money.)

We came home and watched re-runs of Law and Order SVU, and I enjoyed learning more about my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  That thing rocks.  It is like a mini-laptop, and I compare to using Word instead of Office. Office would be my former Galaxy phone, version one and 18-months-old.  That thing always was frustrating for me. I thought it was me, but maybe it really was the phone.

In between Facebook and t.v., I read my new book: Stephen King's Full Dark No Stars.  It is good so far, and I am filling up with dreadful anticipation about what is going to happen nextI'll post a review on here when I am through.

Mom called, and they got their Christmas gifts from us yesterday and were happy with them.  Somehow, the 3-year-old's gifts were lost in transit, and he watched everybody else open theirs and said, "Where is mine?"  That will need to be remedied.  What an odd Christmas this was, all the way around.

Cary and I were glad that S. (our homeless schizophrenic nephew) loved his very warm jacket that we gave him.  Mom said that he put it right on and checked himself out in the mirror.  He told Cary once that ever since a cold winter underneath the bridge a couple of years ago, that he is always cold.  For the rest of us, that is a reminder that things could always be worse.

So, that is it, except that the word is we might get a bit of snow today.  It sure is pretty out right now with clear blue skies, and doesn't look like snow weather, but you never know. 

I hope that you had a great weekend, and that your week will be wonderful.

~ Kathy M. 

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Hart Johnson said...

Oh, sounds like a great weekend. I like Bend, but it's been AGES since I was there--love that pic you took. And fun to have Christmas trickle out a ways!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

The price of Levi jeans is shocking! I couldn't believe it the last time I went to the store. I think I just need to buy them when they're on sale, whether they're needed at the time or not. Because when we *do* need them, there is no sale to be found!

Love the beautiful picture.

And I'm with you on the anonymous spam. My blog was definitely a target!

Kathy A. Johnson said...

What a lovely weekend. I always read Stephen King with a sense of dread--you never know what awful thing will happen next! I think his writing is amazing, but I have to read him in small doses.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

What a lovely, chatty post! This was like reading a personal letter and I enjoyed every word. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Linda Reeder said...

What a lovely visit I just had with you! Fun post!

Gloria said...

Hi, buddy! I agree with the two previous commenters: Love this post, I felt as if you were talking right to me. It was great all of the info you gave. I'm sorry to hear the little three-year old didn't get his presents and had to watch everyone else! Poor thing! And it's so nice of you to send a jacket for "S" - it was touching how you said he checked himself out in the mirror. He was probably thrilled to have it and look nice in it. Isn't it something how everyone goes through hard times, but some (like S) more than others? God bless him. Anyway, great post. However! ONE THING: How DARE you not post photos of your food!!!!!!! You KNOW how obsessed I am with seeing food pics. I am now crying, having not seen any food photos here. I hope you and Cary are happy.
Gloria ;) xxoo

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