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~ Kathy M.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Busy Morning and Breakfast at Norma's Red Rooster in La Pine, Oregon:

Today is Cary's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

My mother-in-law Darlene is doing very well now; she was pretty sick a few months ago.  She asked Cary if we could take her to church this morning, and then go out for a meal.  

We all worked hard at looking nice but we didn't turn out to be very photogenic.  Heidi refused to be in the picture, so she took it instead.  It turns out that Cary was being choked by his tie and could barely breathe and that I now look huge and closed my eyes at the flash, but Darlene looks nice.  She could have smiled a bit more, but here we are in all our glory and this is the best out of four photos:

We left home and got to church ten minutes early.  Or so we thought.  It turns out that the time of worship had been changed to begin at 9:00 instead of 10:00.  So, we were there for the last few minutes of the service, but we arrived just in time to listen to our friend Kathy H. tell us a story (and she tells the best stories).  Darlene got to visit with her friends, and Heidi, Cary and I caught up with some of the people that we knew too.

After leaving the church, we decided on Norma's Red Rooster in La Pine for breakfast.  They have really, really good homemade food.  Really homemade, just like you would cook up in your own kitchen.   

Here are the owners, Darrell and Norma McAllister.  They opened up the place four years ago:

There are chickens and roosters everywhere: 

I asked if people helped them with their collection, and Norma said yes, they did.  She told me that these three were recently given to them from friends in Arizona:

The prices are very reasonable.  It only cost us $27.00 for four meals.  This is what we ate:

Cary's breakfast.

My breakfast.

Heidi's breakfast.

Darlene's breakfast.

More chickens:

We enjoyed visiting with the nice folks sitting near us.  I am a bad reporter, because I didn't get their names!  If you guys read this post, please leave me a comment or email me so that I can add them on here.  It was so nice to meet you this morning:

As I left, I made sure to sign the guest book for all four of us.  Darrell told me that this was the 7th book in four years, so that shows you that they get lots of visitors.  Perhaps the most famous visitor of all was the King of Jordon on July 15, 2008

So, the next time that you are driving down Hwy 97 in La Pine, if you are hungry and looking for a great meal, please stop by to eat at:

That was our morning.  We had fun.  Even if our clothes didn't fit, we got to church late and our photos were bad ... we laughed, ate good food and enjoyed ourselves very much.

Hope that you had a great weekend!

~ Kathy M.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

What a funny story about the last 10 minutes of church! I'm glad you can laugh about it. All of your breakfasts look delicious. We actually fixed waffles this morning, thinking that we would skip church due to the weather. But I really wanted to go, so we jumped up at 9:20 and rushed around to get to Sunday School by 10. You should have seen all the snow by the time we got out of church at 12! It still hasn't stopped.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

No wonder that restaurant is doing so well. It looks really homey. (Especially if you're a chicken!)

Linda Reeder said...

I guess I'm impressed that you went in to church anyway, even if you were an hour late. You got the best part, the visiting!

Alan Burnett said...

What lovely photographs. I almost feel if I spend Sunday with you - and enjoyed your company so very much.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Sorry you missed most of church, but sounds like you still had a great experience there! Love the breakfast place and all the reminds me, somehow, of my childhood. Think my grandmother had some roosters in her kitchen...

Gloria said...

You all looked FABULOUS in that photo! And my, how lovely Darlene looks. Knowing all the health things she had to go through, she looks none the worse for wear, what a trooper, she looks so pretty and healthy. And Cary in his tie? Woo Hoo! And you, of course, look great and happy as usual! And your food? Oh come on now, I know you took those photos for me, and the meal I would choose is Darlene's. YUM. Heidi's looks good too. That's funny that you only got there for the last 10 mins. of church. Did everyone look at you like "What????" coming in at that time? LOL! That sounds like something I would do. Well, you still get a lot of Jesus points for going to church, you didn't know the right time, but I know He is still happy you made the effort. :)
Thanks for those delicious food pics!
p.s. Imagine having to CLEAN and DUST all of those rooster things????

L. D. said...

We have a local diner, called Lou's Diner where there are many chickens also. Lou really doesn't have a love of chickens but once people saw a couple of chicken figurines on display, people started to bring in chicken and roosters to help the collection. They too brought in photos and plaques. The food is homemade in quality and it is good to have a local close cafe. I liked seeing all of your shots of the roosters and hens.

Little Nell said...

More great photos of 'collections' to add to your albums too Kathy. You'd really have to like chickens, roosters etc wouldn't you?

Sioux said...

Kathy--That place is crazy with chickens and roosters.

And it looks like you guys had a marvelous meal together. The photos were great.

Thanks for sharing. (And my belly isn't square. It's the shape of a barrel, and I surely didn't think that would ever happen. ;)

KathyB. said...

Now I have a collection of chicken & rooster figurines and wall hangings, and a large flock of real chickens out back but that place has me beat by a mile and then some!

Sounds like a fabulous Sunday, company and food the best. Poor Cary in his tight tie, did he loosen it before he ate ? :)

I really like the owner's T-shirt. They must be pretty nice people.

Terri said...

I give you all an A for effort : )
You look so very cheery. I am sure you brighten up any room you enter.
That is such a down home feeling kind of restaurant. And what breakfasts!
Happy Easter,

nutschell said...

funny post! that rooster collection is so interesting!

forgetmenot said...

What a great collection of roosters!!! Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Happy Easter, my friend. Hope all is well. How is your grandson doing in Texas? Mickie :)

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