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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Errands with my
Best Friend Husband:

It snowed 7" yesterday and rumors have it that we can get up to 12" more during the next few days. We decided that we'd better get to town and do our errands while the getting was good. Cary prepares the car for our trip. (FYI, this car is a really good car for the snow, if you are looking around. It is a Chevy Equinox. You can probably get a good deal on Chevy's right now, with all of the issues surronding THE BIG THREE.) We left home at 8:18 a.m. and the temperature was 21*.

Here is a picture of one of my favorite trees residing in our yard. When I moved in to this house in 2004, it was about a foot tall. Now it is 10 feet! When I happen to spot it, I always think of the song that was popular when I was in 3rd grade called Honey (See the Tree, How Big it's Grown ... about the lady who died and when the guy who was singing the song planted the tree, and it was just a twig .... remember?)

Bye, bye house.

First we stopped by work to check the
messages and to take a look around.

Yep, the cememt silo is still standing,
watching over the joint.

The trucks are parked safely side by side.

The back road. The snow was up to the bumper of my car, but, no problem for this car! Our neighbor Bill called and I told Cary to tell him, no way, we were not going to pour any concrete for him today. He laughed at the joke, because he knows better than to pour concrete in this weather.

The car needs gas. We stop at Gordy's to fill up.

Lots of trucks were stopped at Gordy's too.

We went to eat at Gordy's Restaurant.

Cary patiently waits for me
to finish taking his picture.

Cary and Gordy discuss business and catch up. I just watch Cary. I admire his cute backside.

We both ate chicken-fried steak with eggs over medium, home fries, sourdough toast and water. For those who have not noticed, we are clones. It is easier when your best friend is your clone....and if he is your husband, even better.

While we were eating, we visited with a couple of truck drivers that were on their way from Southern California to Seattle (driver#1) and Grandview, WA (driver #2). They had had a hell of a time. The Grapevine was closed for 14 hours, the weather has been horrible, they both had broken windshields due to other people's chains flying off, and they had lost chains themselves. One talked to his wife and to dispatch, the other talked to his sweet sister in New York. I blatenly eavesdropped. I'm glad for them, that cell phones were invented. They were really friendly nice men, and we wished them a safe trip. The one with the sweet sister (driver #2) wished us a safe trip too.

Snow plowing tip learned from waitress #2: If you have a pick-up and a pair of bed springs, tie a rope on either end, and clear your driveway with the contraption. Her husband did that yesterday with amazing results.

As we leave, I call and ask Cary's Mom if she and Grandma need anything from town. She gives me a list, but it is short because I put her on the spot. I tell her she can call me back if she thinks of more . In a little bit, she does.

After breakfast, we stopped by the post office. I got a Christmas Card from the bank! Everybody signed their names. We got one for work too, and I let Cary open it. That is the kind of best friend wife that I am. My Dad and Jill got a card from Arkansas. I said to myself, I said: "I am going to write or call that relative sometime after I figure out the geneology questions that I need to ask." And I will do just that.

Next we went to Bi-Mart. I love Bi-Mart. It is from the valley. Like me. When I first moved here, I had to drive to Bend to Walmart and fight the maddness. But not anymore. Cary and I stocked up on food and sundries. Our checker was MarIanne. We visited with her and asked upon her brother and parents. They are all doing well. Sometimes living in a small town is really neat. We also waved to our friend Neal who was plowing the parking lot in his tricked out backhoe.

After Bi-Mart, we drive to Shop Smart. It used to be Ray's, and is still owned by Ray's. There is a new Ray's in town, but old habits die hard (and Shop Smart is a bit cheaper), so this is the store that I go to most often.

Cary stays outside and smokes. There is some action in the parking lot while I am inside the store .... the sheriff shows up and blocks in a yellow car with a handicapped sign. Nobody was arrested.

I talked to Tamara, the checker lady and our neighbor. I told her that I had some things for her girls. She gave me a big smile and said thank you. Prior to that, I thanked the butchers for the great prime rib they made up for us last weekend. They said, well, bring us a sandwich. I said, no, I wasn't come back to town because of this new storm on the way and it has been in the fridge for a week. I said, maybe next time.
Next Christmas when we cook prime rib again.

On the way home, we stopped by the leased property and checked on everything. Cary unlocks the gate.

We are headed towards our trailer. It is a security trailer right now, but it is really our camping trailer. Our Komfort. We love it. Here is a close-up:

Pictures of what we are securing.

Another view.

Cary locks up the service truck.

I wrap up the generator
gently in the picnic tablecloth.

We picked up Grandma's mail, and delivered the shopping goods to Cary's Mom and Grandma. This is me standing in front of the Grandmas' House.

Then we went home and unloaded the car. We are done with our errands! It is 10:30 a.m., the temp is 27* and we did good.

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