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Monday, January 19, 2009

After the conference ...

Corvallis, Oregon

January 2009:

View from our hotel room.

Out our window.

The Willamette River, Corvallis, Oregon

Relaxed BFH in comfy recliner.

Relaxed me in office chair, size 10 jeans
(see what I'm talking about?)

Sink fountain in OSU campus McMenamins.


Before we went to the game, we met our friend Ramona, her daughter Kelsey and Kelsey's friend Laura, for dinner at the McMenamins on campus. Another friend of ours, J.B. showed up a bit later. The girls are in the OSU pep band, and we were going to watch them at the game as much as to watch the game itself. After the girls left for the game, we finished eating, and J.B. drove us in his car to the Beaver/Huskies basketball game.

We chose the $25.00 seats, but it turned out that we were up really high and in the last row of seats with a back ... the people behind us were on benches, but they could spread out and relax for $12.00. Live and learn. We were on the correct side to see the girls and the coach, so that was a bonus.

We could easily see the girls, and I zoomed in to take pictures of them playing their saxaphones in their prom dresses. Come to find out, the band picks a theme each time they play, and though there wasn't really a prom that night, the theme was prom, so Kelsey and Laura wore prom dresses. Kelsey was in royal blue and Laura was in pink. They were beautiful, if I say so myself.

Another celeberty at the game was the OSU coach, Craig Robinson (aka: Michelle Obama's brother!). We did have good seats for taking pictures of him too, though some are blurry because of double zooming. Still, some turned out well. He is in the brown suit and looks like his sister.

OSU played well for the first half, but they got creamed in the end. Oh, well. I do have advice for the president's brother-in-law ... drop the zone defense and let those boys hot shot a bit! I'm just sayin' ...

Here are some pictures of our Jacoby Ellsbury on the wall in the hallway. Jacoby is from Madras, Oregon and is now playing for the Boston Red Sox. We love you, Jacoby!

(I think I gave the guy selling shirts an idea. I asked him if he had any Jacoby Ellsbury shirts. He said no. I asked him if he had any Jamie Burke shirts. He said no ... it isn't baseball season yet, we only have basketball shirts. But I could see his brain cranking away ... make up some shirts of those guys that used to go to OSU and then went pro .... I'd buy some, that is for sure!)

The pep band.

The cheer squad before the game.

Have you noticed that nobody does actual cheers any more? Ramona and I did. I gave one for Cary: Cary Matthews, he's our man, if he can't do it, nobody can! He said, hey do that one again. So I did. He likes being acknowledged for being a hero, which actually, he is.

One of the best pictures I have of Michelle's bro.

A more blurry picture of him.

Hello, Mr. Robinson.

He's at the end, on the right.

The band rocks out. They were really good.

The young lady in blue ... that's Kelsey.

Okay, down in front (standing on the white letters) are the saxaphone players, Laura in pink, Kelsey in blue and their co-workers. Great job, ladies!

Laura, Kelsey and their friend.

A good picture of the three.

On the way out, we posed for pictures:
J.B., Ramona and Kathy

J.B., Ramona and Cary

Ralph Miller and Cary having a serious conversation.

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