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Monday, March 16, 2009

Closed Due to Inclement Weather Conditions:

We woke up this morning at about 6:00. There was a trace of new snow on the ground. By 7:00 it really began to snow. By 10:00 there was 6" of the fluffy white stuff piling up. Cary and I went down to the gravel pit and took some pictures, because we were certainly not going to be open for business.

The entrance.

The office.

The cement silo.

I experimented with these two. My old camera is wearing out. It has a gray spot on any picture that has sky in it. I crop out the gray spot when possible. Here, I was trying to hide it by adjusting the tint on the whole picture. My new camera is really neat, and I took pictures with it today also. However, the memory card reader that I bought for it at Radio Shack is not cooperating today, so I cannot retrieve any of those pictures right now.

This is our loader. It holds 5 yards of material in its bucket. Therefore, two bucketfuls will fill up a 10 yard dump truck. (I like easy math.)

These are some of our mixer and dump trucks.

This is me. I am taking pictures (with my new camera) of the pond. But you'll have to wait until I can get them out of the camera before I can show you the pond. Sorry. I know it is hard to wait for pond pictures. (It's really hard for me to wait to see the pictures of those little kids tumbling in their great-grandma's living room that I took on Saturday.)

This is the hopper of the wash plant (above). You use the big green loader that holds 5 yards per scoop, fill it with raw material (pit run) and dump it into the hopper.

On warmer days, the wash plant is turned on and has water from the pond running all through it. The belt near the hopper takes the raw material and this miracle machine of screens, belts and water, sorts and cleans all the different sizes of rocks into different piles. It is really neat. We make DEQ filter sand, DEQ pea gravel, reject pea gravel, 3/4- round rock, silt, #5 rock, etc. Truck drivers come in with their dump trucks to buy it, and we use our dump trucks to take it out to others. We use some of the rock we process to make concrete. Concrete is made of rock, silt, cement and water. You can add fibermesh, calcium chloride and color if you want to.

The excavator is in the background. It looks kind of small compared to the wash plant, doesn't it?

Another view of the wash plant.

My best friend husband and a couple of mixer trucks.

Cary and the backhoes.

Weather effects our work every winter. We'll just have to wait and see how much the economy will effect it this summer.

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