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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to check in with you, since I haven't really written for a while.

I have been working hard on my Community Resources page and getting the word out about it. I put an ad on the Crestview Cable channel, and that will be fun to see, I think. I have been getting a very positive response and feedback for my effort, and that makes me happy.

I also am in the process of making a La Pine Redi Mix website. There is a link for it near the bottom of this page, on the right. If you have information on LRM's history that you think should be included, please let me know. Also, I am adding photos in two easy sections: summer and winter. If you have some photos that you would like upload, please let me know about that too.

Cary's birthday is on Wednesday, and we are going to go in to Bend tonight and stay overnight at McMennamins to celebrate. I'm sure I'll have some pictures of that to report on. We haven't stayed at the St. Francis School yet, so it should be a lot of fun ... a quick and easy trip. We were thinking about exploring the Oregon Outback this weekend, but will save that trip for another time.

Mom, Kristin and Ethan had a great time in Guatemala and returned safely last week. I am still waiting for some pictures of their trip so that I can post them on the Outreach page. I am so proud of them!

It was fun seeing Casey, Savanna, CJ and Courtney. As soon as I can get my pictures of them out of my new camera I will put them on here. Wyatt, Sammie's grandson, was also joining in the fun of running around and wrestling, so I have neat pictures of him too.

Larry's birthday was on Thursday, and we went out to lunch with Larry, Darlene, Bev, Jimmy, Cary, and Darrold joined us. It was fun, but I didn't take any pictures. We went to the Wickiup Station. They have really good food there, by the way.

Kari and Casey stayed overnight last weekend, and are doing great. Casey is really growing up and is 8 1/2 now ... such a good boy. He stayed busy with making projects, and we played checkers. Casey is really smart, and our first game was actually a stalemate with a nearly full board. I didn't even know that you could do that in checkers! I think he should join the chess club ... he has the mind for it. He said that he has a map in his head of what he is going to do next. He was tough competition!

I was all riled up last weekend and the first of this week with the government shenanigans ... I ranted a while on my Daily News page, and am trying to calm down as much as I can. I made it easy to write to our elected officials on there, and did write to them about the AIG bonus thing. I should stop talking about that stuff now, because it really does make me mad.

Well, that's about it, I think. I hope that you are all doing great, and thank you for checking in. I don't know who all reads this, but I am glad that you do!

Love ya,


P.S. - For those of you who know Grandma, please mail her a card or give her a call; and everybody can keep her in your thoughts and prayers, please.

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