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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Nigel!

(Giving birth to this post was almost as difficult as giving birth to Nigel, and probably not as organized. Sorry these are not in chronological order, but it was hard enough just getting them on here!)

Today is Nigel's 19th birthday. He is 19 now, but I always think of him when he was just little, so that is why I chose these pictures today. He's still my baby and little boy.

Happy birthday, son. You have always been a blessing. You brought our new family together. You related us, officially. Boys who were once my stepsons became your brothers. We had you at home, with our midwives Jill and Kelsey. Your birth was pretty easy, over all. It was so exciting. Your sisters were there, and Kari cut the cord. That morning Kari and Kristin walked over to the little store and bought a cake mix and made you a birthday cake. All the relatives came over to see you right away. The midwifes frowned in disapproval, but that is how it was. We have a big family and they are always interested in new babies.

Everybody happily joined in to help you learn everything you needed to know about life. Your sisters taught you big words, and you made up your own. A "robustle" was a motorcycle, as in, "Hey, Rick Bored, do you have a big robustle?" They even read you the dictionary. It's paid off, it looks like. Your brothers read you stories and wanted to teach you how to be tough, but I was always trying to put the brakes on that idea. You eventually figured it out on your own.

When you were about 18 months old, you wanted to know what everything was called. You would point your finger and excitedly scream "that's?" to anything and everything.

You loved Ethan. He was you best friend as well as you cousin. Kari always said that you were friends to everybody. Never mean, never excluding somebody else. Maybe that is why you have over 400 friends on Facebook!

I could go on and on with sentimental stories, but maybe others will want to comment on this post and share their own of when you were little. Little or grown up, you are a very special person, and we love you so much!


Mom and Cary

P.S. - For a lot more pictures of Nigel, click on the Comfort and Joy Childcare link.

Nigel's preschool graduation in Leaburg.

Grandma T., Mitch, Grandpa R., Ollie, Scott, Kathy,
Gr. Jody, Nigel and Ethan

"Dadge ... that's?"

Wearing Ollie's football uniform.

Halloween with Sissy (the devil).
Nigel as a Ninja Turtle.

Peter and Nigel washing our Volkswagan bus.

Nigel and Raymond

Kathy and Nigel at the coast.

It's too hard to remove, so you have to see it again.

Ice cream, anybody?

Nigel and his beloved bus.

Top: Gabe, Nigel, Ollie and Peter at the coast
Bottom: Lucy, Peter, Kristin, Ollie, Gabe and Kari

Cousins: Nigel and Ethan

Meeting Aunt Julie at the airport.

Top: A few days old.
Bottom: Camping with Dad

"Please get that light out of my eyes!"

Grandma Jody and Nigel.

Great Grandma Johnson and Nigel.

Sorry, its a rerun.

Kathy, Nigel, Ethan and Spencer

At the cabin: Gabe, Nigel, Kari, Ethan, Ollie, Angie, Kristin and Spencer

The Karate Kids: Nigel and Chris B.

Nigel at school.

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