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Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello, Friends!

I have been really busy working on my Community Resources link for Southern Deschutes County and Northern Klamath County as my community service project. It is turning out really neat, if you want to take a look at it. Just click on the little pink box near the bottom on the sidebar.

When it is all done, I am going to let the local papers, schools, soup kitchens, etc. know about it and give them printouts of it to hand out. I have decided to accept advertising on it someday, and use the proceeds to make those "homeless kits" that I have envisioned ... but I think I will concentrate on homeless school kids at this time. It's all coming together, and I have figured out how to help ... yah!

I have also been adding news stories and other rather interesting information on my Daily News link. Some of it is kind of scary though. But a funny thing happened, yesterday afternoon my profile visits jumped by over 100 visitors in a couple of hours! Whoa.

I got an email from my daughter Kristin, who is on the HELPS mission trip in Guatemala with my mom and nephew. She is having a great time and is taking lots of pictures. Please keep them in your prayers for their health and safety as they serve others. When they get back I'll post a story and pictures of their trip on my Outreach link.

I also want to give an update on Graycn, our friends' 9-year-old niece in Florida. She is still in PICU with a Berlin heart, and has been there since Christmas Eve. She is waiting for a heart transplant or for her heart to heal on it's own, and it has been quite a wait. Graycn and her parents are remarkable people and they are sharing their experience through the Caring Bridge website. To learn more, please go to my Praise and Worship link and click on their picture, which is a link on its own. They write everyday, and many times it is Gracyn herself who is writing. Since Christmas Eve, nearly 190,000 people have visited their site.

That's about it for an update, I guess. Work is still too slow for any of us to be there and I am on unemployment, waiting for the construction business to pick up. It may be a long, long wait. I am mostly spending my time working on my websites and hanging out with my handsome husband and my dogs.

Thanks for checking in, and have a great weekend!


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