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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Great Visit with the California Cousins:

What a nice visit we had with Billy, Vicki and some of their family this weekend. They drove up from Bakersfield with two cars and 4 little ones to bring Grandma her birthday gifts and to say hello. Billy and Vicki are the mom and dad of Little Bill and Nikki. Bill is married to Trinity and their little boy is Jake. Nikki came with her three children, Kaden, Kylie and Kelsi.

On Friday evening, Darlene provided the salads and vegi's while Larry and Sammi brought over spaghetti. I made some garlic bread.

On Saturday, the same crowd returned, along with Jimmy, Sam, Ethan, Logen, Maykala, Shelly, Brian, Trevor, Christian and Isaiah. We ate Larry's BBQ ribs and the rest of the spaghetti. It was a lot of fun to get caught up and enjoy each others company. We are so glad that they were able to come and see all of us.

See you guys on Facebook!
(Speaking of Facebook, I posted at total of 72 pictures of the weekend on my profile page.)

Jake, Kylie, Vicki and Grandma Pearl

Grandma opens her presents.

Billy and Cary walking back to where the food is.

The Cousins: Larry, Billy and Cary

Billy and Larry enjoying their dinner.

Little Bill holding his boy Jake, and Cary.

Sammie and Vicki

Nikki (Billy and Vicki's daughter), holding Kelsi

Trinity taking pictures of Grandma opening her presents.

Bill Jr.

Brian and Billy

Sam, Darlene and Vicki

Vicki, Maykala and Jimmy

Sammie, Shelly and Christian

Shelly, Ethan, Isaiah, Logen, Ginnie, and Trevor

Cary and Little Bill

Jake, Trinity and Kylie sing songs.

More cousins: Ethan, Logen and Trevor

Isaiah proudly shows off his dog toy,
(Hi, Isaiah, did you know it was a dog toy?)
while Cary and Bill Jr. visit in the background.

Kaden proudly displays his Oregon souvenirs.

A worn out Ginnie rests while
cousins Logen and Isaiah play.

Twins: Trevor and Shelly. Trevor likes to tease
his mom by fixing his hair like she wears hers.
Too cute!

Jimmy, Sam and Me.

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