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Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Visit to the La Pine State Park:

Well, let's see. Last night, Kari, Casey and Boomer stayed over night with us. We had BBQ ribs, green beans with ham and mashed potatoes for dinner. We watched baseball. The Yankees won. My secret boyfriend, Johnny Damon, hit a home run and then the new guy, Mark Texeria did too, and he was next at bat. Back-to-back home runs! It was so exciting! The Mariners won too. The Yankees and the Mariners are playing this weekend in Seattle, and I sure wish we could go and see them play. I have not been to a major league game yet, and that is one game I would really like to see. I'd take both cameras (on empty) and get close ups right and left, that is for sure. I would take pictures of Johnny Damon, A-Rod, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey, Jr., Ichiro, Adrian Beltre .... the list goes on and on. I even have my Rally Fries sign all figured out. Cary helped me with the words: I love the Mariners, but I'll still take Johnny Damon and Rally Fries to go, please! It is nice when your Best Friend Husband supports your having a secret boyfriend (only because I'll never meet him, and if I did I think I'm old enough to be his mom). Thanks, honey, for your support. Please take me to Seattle.

This morning, Cary got up early and went to work. I got up, promoted my MSHA website, paid bills, and made some cards out of my photos. At around noon, Kari, Casey, Boomer and I went down the road to La Pine State Park. Poor Sonny and Dana had to stay home. It was just easier. Sorry, stay-at-home dogs. That's life.

First, we stopped at the BIG TREE. It is 500 years old and is the largest Ponderosa in Oregon. Following that, we went to the DAY USE area and went wading while Boomer swam the Big Deschutes. It was a very nice day. We met a nice family who came from Southern Oregon to meet with their friend from Portland. They were staying in a cabin at the La Pine State Park Campground. They were patient about Boomer, and their little kids were cute. Thank you, nice people!

Kari, Casey and Boomer walk down
the nice paved trail to the Big Tree.

Remember, you can click on any of these pictures
to enlarge them so that you can get a better look.

The Big Deschutes River in La Pine, Oregon

Casey found a little tree frog.

Kari Beary

Casey getting a drink at the fountain,
La Pine State Park Day Use Area.

Kari and Boomer

Boomer, the best black lab ever found on Craig's List.

There is a nice beach with a gradual slope here, for wading and swimming. The current is very strong though. There are nice bathrooms and many picnic tables. It is a no fee area to boot. Over all, La Pine State Park Day Use Area is a great place to take the kids. And the dogs.

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