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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Once upon a time there was this nice lady. She was a faithful volunteer at a structured community organization for years. If somebody needed something, she was there. She was on it. You couldn't ask for a better volunteer than she was.

One day, the organization got a new leader. Everybody was so excited! This was the guy to make their organization grow and become even better. They could just feel it. The lady was happy to help the new leader with whatever needed to be done. But, after awhile, the new leader wasn't very nice to the lady. Who knows why, but he started treating her with unkindness. Actually, he started being unkind to others in the structured community organization too. Many people decided to volunteer someplace else, including the nice lady. It was a hard decision, but she didn't need the unkindness bringing her down.

Several years later, she went to the local mini mart for some milk. There was a free car wash in the parking lot of the mini mart. Her car was dirty, so she walked over and talked to the free car wash people. She told them she would give them some money to wash her car. They said, no, it was free. Actually, more than free. They were even paying everybody a little bit of money for the privilege of washing cars that day. Now there was a twist. Huh, thought the lady. Then she noticed by their t-shirts that they were volunteers from the structured community organization that she had left those years ago.

A little bit of orneriness stirred inside the lady. She said, well thank you! And she took their small amount of money as she watched the volunteers wash her car. Then she went home. And brought back another car. They have several cars at their house, and she had them all washed that day, getting paid for each one she brought in. She thought, hmmm, this is better than returning pop cans. She stopped short of bringing in the motorhome. Would she have received even more money for having it washed? She will never know, but there was a certain sweet satisfaction of not quite revenge on the new leader who had treated her with unkindness.

The end.

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