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Friday, August 28, 2009


Hello Friends!

Just thought I would pop in, say hello, and let you know what I have been up to.

I haven't been making very many entries on here lately, but I have been working on my other websites. My Community Resource website has been receiving a lot of my attention, and my MSHA website has been getting some too.

When we were at my sister Angie's surgery, my sister Julie showed me how to make links within a blog post, so I have been going back and linking everything on the above mentioned blogs to make them more valuable to my dear readers. Well, you guys are my dear readers. Those other blogs are more factual in nature, more resource-based, and though those readers are very much appreciated, it is just that they are not really interested in who I am or what I am doing, like you guys are.

Speaking of Angie, she was released from the hospital in record time. Thank you for your prayers. She heals up quickly, it just took years for anybody to help her out with her medical situation. Thank you to Dr. Teh of Eugene! He did a remarkable job, and we appreciate his hard work.

My boy is here for now, and we are trying to get his back problem solved. I have been really thinking about the medical care we have going on in Lane County and Deschutes County. I think a very important thing is to have a primary care doctor who knows his or her stuff and who cares about you, taking a personal interest and offering a continuum of care. Isn't that what we all want? I have been observing what happens when you don't have it, and when you do. Just like Dr. Teh was good for Angie, I appreciate our physical therapist George, who took concern in my boy's back situation this week, and for Amy, his massage therapist.

Speaking of my sister Julie, she has just launched her own marketing company. It is called Twist Pop Media and she can be contacted at: if you need help sharing the story of your business. She is always doing something new and good!

Today, I went on a field trip to the La Pine Community Kitchen. First, I spoke with Chris and Carol. Chris is in charge of the big picture and all that entails. Carol runs The Closet, where they offer clothing, school supplies and toiletries, etc. The Community Kitchen's new building should be remodeled by the end of next spring, so they call all move into one nice, spacious place. I also spoke with Steven and his friend at the mobile NeighborImpact Emergency Services Van. We discussed the need for a homeless shelter in La Pine. Also, I told them about my Community Services website, and he suggested that I find out info on Christmas Valley, Ft. Rock and Silver Lake for it. So, I came home and got started on that.

Before I left home this morning, I had a great conversation with Denise at S.C.O.O.T.E.R. . She is the neatest person. I told her about the Community Resources website, and the things I have been working on, and she was so supportive. S.C.O.O.T.E.R. does a lot to help our local communities.

I am hoping to do something fun with my Best Friend Husband, Cary, this weekend. We both attract responsibility on our own ways, and time fills up quickly. We need to carve out time sometimes, and do something just for the two of us...I hope that time is right now.

Take care, and thanks for checking in!

~ Kathy

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