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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Fun Day with Mom and Cary:

Yesterday was so fun. Cary said, let's ask your Mom to go to Gordy's with us for breakfast. We called her and she said, sure, she good go and have some coffee with us. She had already eaten a banana and a big slice of Boston Cream pie, and wasn't very hungry. We were picking her up at the cabin and Bro. and John drove up. They decided to join us for breakfast also. We discussed motorcycle accidents and family dramas at the meal. For not being too hungry, Mom sure did a good job polishing up her truck stop plate of biscuits and gravy!

Cary asked the waitress why we were given trainer coffee cups (meaning small). She said that there were a bunch of old people complaining that they couldn't get their lips over the edge of the bigger ones. What??? That cracked me up, that is what she really said! (We had carafes of coffee, so it wasn't like they were trying to short us on coffee or anything, so that must be the real reason.)

Bro., John and Mom

After breakfast, Cary, Mom and I went on a drive up the mountain. (The story about that is in the post below.) It was really neat to see views I had never seen before and to take some pictures.

Mom enjoying the view.

Best Friend Husband/Chauffeur

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

After our drive, we took Mom back to her cabin, and we came home. I put a pork roast in the cooker, and then went through my new pictures. It is always like Christmas when I get to do that. This time, I was kind of bummed that they turned out so dark, but the day was kind dark, so I guess that makes sense. Actually, I was secretly afraid that I had ruined my camera the night before when I took a close up shot of the moon. My camera instructions said to not take pictures of bright lights or the lens may be harmed, and I had no idea that this picture would be so bright, or that the moon was really this crooked:

The Moon

But back to the story of our day with Mom. Cary and I began watching football. OSU was on. Mom came over for dinner at around 4:00 to watch the Oregon game with us, and told us that the OSU/UCLA game was on a TV time delay, and that OSU had already won. OKAY, no need to follow that game super closely anymore. The Yankees/Phillies World Series game was on a rain delay, and the Oregon/USC game had nothing wrong with it, expect for the announcer, Brent Mussberger, who apparently had not watched an Oregon game in 20 years. He was totally surprised that we not only won, but we kicked USC's butt! He could only bring up the Boise State game and the punching situation about every 20 minutes. Mom and Cary thought it was time for him to retire. He reminded me of that announcer on the movie Mystery Alaska with Russell Crowe.

We enjoyed the game and ate our dinner at around 6:00. Cary took his Mom and Grandma over each a plate of food, which turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. While we finished watching the Oregon game and the World Series game, I finished a scarf. Mom went home around 9:00, and I went to bed. I was tired. We did a lot yesterday. Mom has more energy than Cary and I combined, and anybody who reads this and knows her knows I am not kidding!

It was a fun day. We didn't get one trick-or-treater, by the way.

The end.

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