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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey Everybody:

Check out Nigel's interview with the Register Guard about going into the Navy!

It's on the Daily News link.

Great job, Nigel, thanks for serving our country!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Casey ~ The Oregon Grandkid:

Washington Grandkids:




Collin and Johnny

Collin and Chase


Kylie and her date Dylan

Jimmy Matthews on top of Mt. Bachelor:

Photo taken by Savanna Matthews

Kansas Grandkids:


Cameron, Tyler, and Halie

Halie and Tyler

Kristin and Jody in Guatemala:

Go check out the new pictures of Jody, Kristin and
Ethan's trip on the "Outreach" link:

Kristin and Mom


After Work:

Howard in his sports car.

The old burned out state cop.

Believe me, Cary deserved the finger.

Steve Gray after a hard day on the bulldozer.

Friends: Kathy and Howard

Friends: Steve and Cary

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Read About the Guatemala Trip on the "Outreach" Link:


Please go to "Outreach" page on the sidebar and read my nephew Ethan's interview with the Register Guard on his work in Guatemala. There is also another article on the whole trip that Ethan, Jody (my mom) and Kristin (my daughter) went on a few weeks ago. We will have more pictures of their trip posted there soon.

I was excited to see my ad on the cable channel today for my Community Rescource website! Cool.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Our Cary!

What a doll!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Trip to Old St. Francis School:

On Saturday morning, we left for Bend to celebrate a little time away for Cary's birthday (which is actually tomorrow). We had decided that any easy and fun trip would be to stay at the McMennamin's Old St. Frances School.

As we were waiting for our room to get ready, we went to breakfast at Corey's. There, we visited with Rachel, Cindy and Clay. Cindy goes to school, and Clay has his own construction company. They were really nice, and we all decided to meet for the $3.00 movie later on at our hotel.

Cary and I took advantage of the soaking pool ... nice and warm, but not too hot.

Then, we went and got something to eat in the main restaruant.

Following that, we played some billiards.

Cindy and Clay showed up at about 6:30 and we watched Twilight and ate pizza. They all thought it was a great movie, but I fell asleep. Afterwards we went to O'Kane's on the back of the property and visited for a while. I didn't bring my purse, so I forgot about my camera and I don't have any pictures of them. Sorry.

We had a fun time. Love you, Cary!

These pictures are out of sequence, but they give you an idea of how much work was put into decorating this place.

We enjoyed the soaking pool:

Our Room:

We stayed in the Julie Roberts room.
She attended St. Franics school and then
taught there after she grew up.

I took a picture of the bathroom, because they have one!

The other McMennamin's we've stayed at did not have bathrooms in each room. It must be why this room cost so much more than the other places, but it was a very beautiful room.


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