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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camping in Style:

Okay, remember that cool little TV/VCR combo that Dad and Jill gave me?  (I talked about it in the post below this one.)  Well, even though I have been accused of loading our trailer down with too much stuff, this little ditty is a great hit with both of us.  We park the truck outside the window and plug the TV/VCR into the cigarette lighter.  And then, we watch movies.  In the privacy of our own little room, after a long day of camping activity. 

The only drawback is that the "combo" does not like to eject the movies gracefully, and grabs the tapes and twists the film.  Cary carefully takes the movies out and rewinds the mess by hand.  We don't know what will happen when we try to replay them yet. Unfortunately, we will not be watching old favorites on this little "combo" anymore.  It probably already ruined American Graffiti.

But that is okay, because in our hallway at home, behind door #2, we have a whole bunch of 15 cent movies that we have never watched.  Most of them star Steven Baldwin, of the famous Baldwin Brothers.  I wonder if he is king of "B" movies?

This cleverly disguised linen closet looks like a gift wrapping station.  (Our trailer is not the only thing that I am accused of putting too much stuff into.)

But actually it is where we store the rest of the the 1,000 movies that we have left from the time that my brother found a great deal:  a Blockbuster semi-truck movie sale.  I'm not joking.  Several years ago, he called me up all excited, and wanted to know if we wanted to spend $150 on a bunch of movies.  Shipping and handling were included, he drove to Redmond and got them for us.   He came back with 2000 movies stuffed into his car and we took 1,000 of them.  Our spare bedroom was full of VHS movies until I sorted through and got rid of the duplicates and the horror movies.  I have given away more over time.  Above is what we have left.  

So, we can chance the "combo" machine eating these up ... it is the price we are willing to pay for watching movies in a campground with no hook-ups.  Hey, it works for us!

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