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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Collections: Vintage Toys

Recently, Becca over at  Patina Moon shared her vintage games in one of her blog posts.  At the time, I thought, hey, I should show you guys some of my vintage toys.  Some many not be "vintage" yet, but the kids and I like them lots.

If you would like me to post photos of your vintage toys ... just send them to me in an email at:



BECKY said...

Wow,Kathy! You have all these toys, right there at your house?! I am excited! It's a strange feeling to walk into the antique stores and see toys and books that were popular when I was a kid, but that does happen! And I mean strange as in: gosh, I'm old enough that "my" toys are not antiques, and also strange as in: it gives me a kind of warm and comforting feeling, too. Know what I mean? Thanks for sharing!

Becca said...

Hi Kathy! Look at all of your toys! I especially love the old Crayola Crayons and the view finder!
Thanks for letting me know about your post, what fun!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Wow! That's a lot of toys! I don't have any vintage toys, sad to say. We always cleaned things out before a move, and we moved quite a bit. You have a great collection, though. Any mint condition baseball cards in there worth millions?? :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Becky, Becca and Lisa:

Hi! I used to have a lot more than this, but have been trying to rebuild over time. When our church closed in the mid 90's they gave me a lot of their old toys and that is where some of these came from, including the color crayons and view finders.

I got the ceramic dolls at St. Vinnies last year for around $5.00.

Becky, I know what you mean. The cash register doesn't seem old, but it is probably 30 years old, because I remember it from when Kari and Kristin were young.

Some are into fine china; I am into vintage toys!

Lisa, I do have some baseball cards, but they are not really in mint condition or rare, though our grandson Cameron did find a few of value. I found a box of 3000 for $10 at the coast a few years ago and then let the kids choose what they wanted.

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