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~ Kathy M.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kristin's Guatemala Fundraiser #3: The Pine Room Prime Rib Dinner

"Help me help them!  Each year Cascade Medical Teams travels to Guatemala to prevent disease and illness through installing water filters and cooking stoves in homes as well as performs hundreds of surgeries, dental care, and eye care to those in extreme poverty.  Join me for a benefit dinner to help me participate in this life changing week!  Thank you in advance for your support!"  

~ Kristin

Last night, Cary and I made the short drive down to the quaint little town of Gilchrist to attend my daughter Kristin's final fundraiser for her upcoming Guatemala trip.  This will be Kristin's second time going.  The first time she went, she worked in the dental clinic.  This time Kristin will be working with my nephew Ethan installing cooking stoves for families who live in one room homes.  I think that this will be my Mom's tenth year.  Mom works in the medical clinic.

You can learn more about Helps International and what Cascade Medical Teams does by reading this brochure.  You can click on it to enlarge it for easier viewing:

Around 60 of Kristin's friends and family turned out to help her meet her goal of financing the rest of the trip.  Each team member needs to pay their own way, and it costs around $3,000 to go.  The great news is, Kristin met her goal last night!   Her Dad, Rick, donated the food and his restaurant.  The wait staff and cooks donated their time.  So did Chris, the live musician.   Guests contributed over and above the cost of their dinner.  Thanks, everybody!  You are all the best.

Kristin and her Aunt Kathy explain more about what happens on medical mission trips, and how grateful the people are who are being helped.

Cathy, Rick, Charlie, and Kathy

Cary and I enjoyed visiting with my two sister-in-laws and my brother-in-law, Charlie.  I have missed them all so much. 

Yay!  Thanks, everybody!

Cary is enjoying his prime rib.  I caught him by surprise.  We are all so blessed to have him in our family.  I love you, Best Friend Husband.

Kathy I., Cathy W., Kathy M. and Kristin

These are my peeps.  We are all part of the Kathy/Cathy Ward club, well, except for the pretty young one on the end.  These are my sister-in-laws.  Kathy and I had our little girls at the same time, two each.  We all go way back.  At family get togethers , we got so good at who and how somebody was saying "Kath or Cath", that we knew which one they meant without looking up.

Me, Cathy, Charlie, Kristin, Rick, Mike and Kathy

This is Chris.  Man, can he sing and play.  We were sitting right by Chris and enjoyed visiting with him.  I put his business card on here just in case you have an upcoming event and need some music.

I really enjoyed seeing everybody last night, and I very much appreciate all who have supported Kristin in her fund-raising efforts over the past several months.  Not everybody can go and help directly in Guatemala, but through the gifts of many, we all got a chance to help.

~ Kathy


The Homemaker said...

Such a worthy cause, Kathy! As always, I admire Kristin's dedication to the people of Guatemala. Very inspiring.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thank you, SJ. I am very proud of her and am glad that she has met her fundraising goals.


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