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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rednesday Baby Quilt:

This story is so sad.  Last week, my daughter Kristin called and asked me if I could send her a baby blanket.  Her friend's cousin's friend had been murdered by her boyfriend, and she left behind a 6-month-old baby boy.  The baby's grandparents are now taking care of him, since the father had also died during this past year.  My daughter was busy gathering up a layette of gifts for the baby, which was so nice of her.   Here is a link to the news story to what happened.

I had this blanket already made, but not finished.  I machine quilted it, and put it in the mail the next day with some other baby things for that poor little boy.  I know that the colors are cheery, but the story is horrible.  Sorry about that.  I decided to go ahead and put it on here for Rednesday so that if you want to, you can say a prayer for the family.

Thank you lots,


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LV said...

Although this is a horrible situation, you put a bright spark back into that little ones life. A truly wonderful gesture on your daughter and your part.

Dena E's Blog said...

Yes what a blessing you both are in an often brutal world.. So very sad.. Thanking God for you and your daughter right now Sweetie..
May our Sweet LORD cover You with blessings while you seek Him in this, His beautiful season.
Isn't it magnificent knowing He is the Reason for every Season......
Praying God's Blessings on You not only for Christmas but, all the New Year too!!!~~~Hugs Dena

bunny said...

Bless your heart! You did the right thing and I will say a little Christmas prayer....

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

A very sad story, Kathy, and one too often repeated in this crazy world of ours. Thank goodness for wonderful, caring people like you and your daughter who take action to ease the burden and pain. God bless.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi LV, Dena, Bunny and Lisa,

Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words ... for this family, and for Kristin and me (I wasn't expecting that part.)

My heart goes out to the tragedy that they have all suffered this past year.

God bless you, and Merry Christmas.


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Hi, Kathy. How nice of you to send this hand-made quilt and other things for the baby, and it's wonderful of your daughter to start a collection for the poor little baby, especially because it's a friend of a friend of a friend. Not many people want to get involved these days, so it is very commendable of your daughter. I will say a prayer for that child, for sure. I DID read the story, however, and I was so saddened to hear that the father of this baby died this past June! And I am not judging, but I read that the young mother who was murdered was only a senior in high school. This is a reminder to all of us that we have to watch our kids and know their friends and make sure they are home at a decent hour now-a-days. It's not like it was years ago when one was safe going to a party and coming home late. Maybe that poor girl's murder will not be in vain if it save's one young girl's life if they read the article and are more careful with who they know and where they go. All in all, it is just a tragedy...

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