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~ Kathy M.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tabletop #8 - Christmas Pine Cone and Holly Dishes

Please join Emily as she dines by 
candlelight at this pretty Christmas tablescape.

I used the pretty pine cone and holly Christmas dishes that my mother-in-law bought be a couple of years ago.  I added my everyday red bowls for a little bit of color.  Oops, that spoon is slipping a bit.  I realize that there are no candles in the white candle holders.  The candles are still in my car in the Thanksgiving containers, and it was too dark to try and dig them out last night.  Please just pretend ... and you get to choose the color of the candles that way.

This bowl, and matching white candle holders with no candles were my Grandma T.'s.  I told you that she had lots of pretty dishes.  Do you guys know what this pattern and brand is called?  I forgot to look before I filled the bowl with lights, red raffia and the vase of ornaments that I showed you yesterday by the ceramic Santas.

The glass ornaments were given to me by my step-daughter Shanna last year.  The are on the blue raffia wrapped candle holders that Dad and Jill gave me years ago.  As you can see, I do use and appreciate the lovely gifts that others have given to me over the years.  The cloth holly wreath that the bowl is sitting on was given to us by Cyndi, a former neighbor.  I keep it up all year long, over by our thermostat, next to the nativity scene picture.  Years ago, when I was selling Tupperware, our manager told us to keep something having to with Christmas out all year long.  Just so we would remember to be nice.

This vintage pitcher was my Grandma J.'s.  So pretty, and kind of old!   I found the strand of beads at a thrift store last year.  They look old, but maybe they are not.  They are pretty heavy.  I put some blue food coloring into the lamp oil, and it just adds an extra touch.

My daughter Kristin gave me the crystal, and the Christmas glasses are from Grandma T.  My friend Lisa C. made the "napkins".  We used them for making tables pretty at our church suppers, way back when.

I think this was Grandma T.'s also.

The pretty engraved champagne glasses are from our California Cousins.  They gave them to us for a wedding gift.

Grandma J.'s salad bowl looks pretty in the candlelight.

I put store bought Christmas pillows on the chairs.  These would be very easy to make though, if you had some good placemats.

A close up of the cup, and some pine cones gathered from the yard.

Pretty, oh, so pretty ...

With the lights off.

With the lights on.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

~ Kathy

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Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Such a pretty and colorful tablescape, Kathy! It especially looks pretty in the candlelight. And I love your dining room chairs!

Barbara said...

What a festive table! I like your centerpiece. Great candlelight photo.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Gloria and Barbara,

Thank you so much for taking a look and leaving me your nice comments. I am glad that you both enjoyed the candelight; I will work on those type of pics.

God bless!


Sherry said...

What a beautiful festive table. I just love it in the candlelight and that vintage tablecloth is great. Your guests would enjoy all of the attention to detail and couldn't help but feel happy being there.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Sherry,

Well, thank you very much! I appreciate your comments.

Thank you for stopping by to say hello.


Mimi said...

Very festive table!

Entertaining Women said...

Aren't family treasure always the very best! Your Christmas table is delightful! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...


Thank you!

Cherry Kay,

Delightful and charming! Thanks!
I appreciate your visit.

Take care, you two,


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