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~ Kathy M.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Queen of Small Spaces: The Cabin

Okay.  This is not the most flowing post of all time, but here it is.  I hope you enjoy it and don't get dizzy!  I decided to add it to Susan's Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps On The Porch anyway.  Thank you, Susan for doing this weekly linky party.  You sure are keeping me busy!

There are lots of pictures in this post, and most of them are old and scanned, and are not of the best quality.  I have some better ones someplace, where this little cabin was even more tricked out and photo worthy, but I cannot find them!  It is driving me crazy; I have been looking for them all day long.  I must have put them away for safe keeping, because I went through everything.  They are safe from me, at least. Dang.  Oh, well, it is okay for everything to not be perfect.  I think.  And, to be fair to myself, I had never even heard of a blog when these photos were taken.  Who would have ever guessed that I would want to put pictures of my home on the internet?  Some family members still cannot believe I do it!

Anyway, here is the story.  After Nigel and I left the McKenzie Valley so that we could both attend new schools, Mom said that we could live in her little vacation cabin in La Pine.  The cabin is a 365 square foot studio.  Besides my 10-year-old boy, we had our big dog, Ray, and 3 cats.

This cabin is well laid out and has a good kitchen and a good bathroom, with a good cast iron tub.  Those were three very important things that I am glad I had back then.

We loved our cabin.  This is one of those buildings that it is filled with peace.  I can't explain it, but it has a calming effect to all who enter.  It was safe.  Back then, in 2001, the neighborhood was sparsely populated and it was safe too.

We felt so comfortable there, that during the summertime, Nigel and Ray slept out here in this old camper.  We have pictures of it when it was all fixed up somewhere.

The front porch was like an extra room.  I used to sit out there and read my textbooks and study.  In the mornings, I enjoyed my coffee out there.  In the afternoons, I enjoyed my coffee cup of merlot.  That place was so peaceful. 

We even had a little fire pit.

There is Mama Kitty, back when she was nice.

See those green Rubbermaid containers?  Those held our dirty clothes.  We had lots of socks and underwear, and only had to go to the laundromat every 3 weeks or so.  I wonder why I kept those dead plant containers?

Living Area, Before:


There is Spencer, my nephew, peeking through the kitchen opening.  Take note of the little hallway on the left.  It leads to my little office and the bathroom.

When you first walk in, on the left, there is a very efficient little woodstove.  You probably recognize many things in this cabin. I don't think I have gotten rid of much over the years; I have just added to my favorites.

Sorry that this is so blurry.


These curtains are still in use throughout our home today.  The cabin backs up to BLM land and there wasn't anybody behind us.  I didn't even have mini-blinds!

Okay, I would like it if you would look to the left of this picture.  That is where Nigel's loft bed is.

Nigel's treasures were all in that area.  
He had his own little t.v. up there too.

This one from the set of photos that I want, but cannot find, when I had the cabin really cute.  The kitty is sleeping on my Grandma J.'s old trunk, which is where I kept my bedding when not in use.

This is our couch and my bed.

The Kitchen, Before:

The Kitchen, After:

Under the counter and above the counter is where I kept my dishes and glasses ... there is a lot of storage in this small kitchen.  I loved it.

Here is the tiny hall and the walk-in closet that I used as my office:

Can you tell yet that somebody loves M.E.?

I was lucky that there was a little window in that closet.

The water heater came in handy for putting pictures on.

The Bathroom:

This is the same shower curtain that is now in our little bathroom.  
It was my Grandma T.'s

The following pictures are recent.  Grandma Jody got her retreat cabin back from Nigel and me years ago.  She continues to work on it.  She was working on it this day, framing the windows, so things are jumbled around.  I just wanted to use this pics for comparison so that you can see how much I squeezed into it when we were living there.

The t.v. is where the dresser and the floral and lace 
curtains were when we lived there.

The lamp is on the wall where our couch/my bed used to be.

The bed with the pink bedspread is where Nigel's loft bed was.  Mom still keeps his Star Wars decals up high on the wall.

The hallway to my office and to the bathroom.

Where my office used to be.

Grandma Jody in the kitchen.  Check out the nice paneling 
that she has put on the walls.  Great job, Mom!

Those were some special times, living in the cabin.  Nigel and I were on our great adventure, being brave and moving two hours away from the valley and our peeps for the first time.  I am so grateful to Mom for sharing it with us.

~ Kathy 

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Lisa Ricard Claro said...

It looks very cozy, and seems that you made great use of the space. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Kathy this is such a nice way to show how it was. I remember being in that cabin before you and Nigel moved in. I am amazed at how creative you were with every inch. Yes I think you both were very brave making that move! I did recognize some thing still in your house now. At least I think so, like the wooden soda case? Thanks for sharing because it was hard for me to imagine you two there and now I can see how you made it work so well. You did that you can do it anywhere else if you had to. Way to go girl! Shelly from church :~)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Lisa and Shelly,

It was a very special time. I sure did have a great support system and the best little boy who went with the flow. I have some really good pictures someplace and it is really bugging me that I can't find them.


Shelia said...

What a sweet post and filled with memories! Special innocent times. Looks like a lovely spot in the country. A cute little cabin filled with personality.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Nanniepannie said...

Thanks for visiting this morning. Hope you have a great day. I love that little girl watering the plant.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

What lovely stories of sharing and family, and I could tell how much this little house was loved, and is STILL loved! Very touching.
Best regards,

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Sheila,
I think you summed it up! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hi Nanniepannie,
Thanks you, I find her cheerful and comforting. She is an Eloise Wilkin girl. I appreciate your visit!

Hi Gloria,
Oh, thank you so much for what you said. You are right, it is so loved. I think it actually feels sad that nobody is there very much anymore. Thanks for pointing out the generational sharing and family giving. I guess that is what it is about, but didn't put it all together in my head.

I hope that all three of you have a wonderful week.


BECKY said...

I love it, too, like Lisa said... so cozy! I loved the front porch!! Adorable! It reminds me of those tiny houses that are available nowadays. Have you seen them?? They are about the size of one little room! I'll send you the link if you haven't seen them!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I would love to see a link to them, Becky. They were building similar homes to this cabin after Katrina hit ... they are a great design and are really survival cabins.

Grammy Goodwill said...

I can tell that you enjoyed your time in this cabin. I esp love your use of the water heater and the coke crate to hold essentials in the bathroom!

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