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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kari:



You haven't changed a bit!  Thanks for making me a Mom, way back when.  

Happy Birthday and we love you,

Mom and Cary


juliejulie said...

Kari - I remember babysitting you when you were tiny. I was 15, I think. Although you enjoyed me when I came to visit you were not amused to be left alone with me. So you screamed. For hours. I resorted to walking you up and down the street holding you facing.facing.outward. Your little legs draped over my left arm, with my right arm tight around your waist so you wouldn't wiggle out. For hours. And hours. But when your mom came home I told her you cried a little, and then went to sleep. Because I was your Aunt Julie, after all, and I couldn't admit defeat. And you were really sweet when you were asleep.

Anonymous said...

That's funny story. And, you are the best Aunt Julie in the whole wide world and you still do not admit defeat. That's one of the very nice things about you! She was our sweet little baby, though, the first one, with happy feet.

Aunt Kathy

Kari said...

You're right I haven't changed. I'm still "Kari First" and good lord I still have the same haircut. I never thought I would do that willingly LOL!! Thanks mom for the great pictures. Have a safe trip!

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