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Friday, January 22, 2010

La Pine's New Street Lights:

Yesterday, as Darlene and I were driving around on our errands, I noticed that the new street lights have been installed on Huntington Road.  This was very exciting, because Cary had sponsored one of the lights for his Mom and Dad and La Pine Redi Mix, Inc.  Darlene got it for Christmas from us.  Ours is located in the parking lot of Cut-em-Up, across from U.S. Bank. 

I made Darlene get out and get her picture taken next to the street light with her name on it.  She said it was embarrassing, but I think that she was secretly kind of proud.  Thanks for being a good sport, Mom Darlene!


Mom Darlene

I am very proud of Cary for finding this unique way to honor his mother and father in such a permanent and public manner.  Good job, honey!

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