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~ Kathy M.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stuff that works ... some of my favorite products:

Nobody has paid me any money to endorse their products, but I'm sure it is only because they have never heard of my blog ... yet.  I think it is only a matter of time until these companies are contacting me and begging to advertise on this website.  Just kidding!

Still, I'm going to go ahead and throw them a bone, and let you in on some of my favorite products.
I buy these things because they work.  Also, around once out of every three weeks, some of them are on sale at Bi-Mart.

 1.  Brawny paper towels are thick, and they really work. You can use them a couple of times before throwing them away.

 2.  Cascade Action Pacs ... easy, convenient, plus my new dishwasher doesn't seem to like the powder.

 3.  Breathe Right Strips.  I do breathe easier when I remember to wear them.  I never heard my own snoring so I can't vouch that they really prevent that.  My best friend husband says I still snore, but he may be teasing.  He's been known to do that at times.

 4.  Caress.  Before you dress, Caress.  Neil and Carol turned me on to this soap 25 years ago.  I like it. It lasts, and the smell is not overpowering.

 5.  Windshield Cleaning Foam.  I had cleaned my house and thousands of others, and did not hear about this stuff until 2 years ago.  The guys at work wanted it instead of Windex to clean the truck windows.  You have to buy it in the automotive department, not in the cleaning supply department.  This stuff rocks!  You can use it on windows, chrome and vinyl kitchen and bathroom floors. The cheap stuff seems to work just as well as the higher priced cans.  I find it ironic that the guys know all about it and hide it out.

 6.  Iron Out.  It works on your rust stains.  We have hard water, and only Iron Out and Stain Bully instantly take the stains away.  I couldn't find a picture of Stain Bully.  I like it better because it doesn't have a caustic odor, but it only comes in liquid, and sometimes you want powder in the back of  your toilet tank.  I also love the Iron Out toilet tabs that you put in the back of the tank.  They work awesome for those of us with hard water.

 7.  Diamond Lamb and Rice dog food.  No corn allowed!

 8.  Loreal Hair Coloring.  It works.  I prefer the creamy formula over the other stuff.

 9.  Microfiber Cloths.  I use these for everything: dishrags, dusting, mirrors and windows, and t.v. screens.

10. Palmolive Liquid.  A little bit goes a long ways.  It is good for washing your hands too, and it doesn't hurt them.  Madge was right.

11. Scott's Liquid Gold.  For dusting and preserving wood.  I like the smell too.  I spray it on the wood, dust with the microfiber cloth and then let it settle in.

12.  Ziplock Freezer Bags.  These are one of my most very favorite things ever invented.  I use them for food and for organizing.  Their zipper holds, and you don't get freezer burn as easily.

13.  Scott Tissue.  A roll of this lasts as long as 3 rolls of the others around this house, and it is unscented.  It is also great for septic tanks.

14.  409.  I love 409 too.  I used it for all kinds of cleaning.  I have a spray bottle in my kitchen and then one for the bathrooms.  I spray my counters down with it once a day, and I think it helps with the germs.  I also use it on my vinyl flooring.  I couldn't find a good picture; their website is too fancy.

I am sure I have missed several things, but I really do like these products.  I also used to swear by MysticMaid cleaning clothes, but then microfiber came along, and my MysticMaids wore out and got lost.  They are awesome because they only require hot water.  You do not use any other products with them.  They are much, much better for the environment.  Never put them in the dryer.  Maybe I should try to find out if they still make them?

~ Kathy

They do!  Cool!

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