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Friday, January 14, 2011

Rain and Rainbows:

I took this photo of a pretty rainbow on my way home from the store yesterday.  This post isn't a cheery one, and I don't have a pithy ending to sum it all up.  I have just been observing the goings on of the weather.

It has warmed up around Mayberry recently, and we have been getting some rain instead of some snow.  In perspective, it isn't very much rain and I enjoy it.  It is warmer outside, and I can get by with just a sweatshirt in the car as I run my errands.  I was able to have the bedroom window open a couple of inches for some fresh air last night.

Others are not so lucky.  They say it is because this may be the worst La Nina season ever recorded (click here to find out more about that).   I am really feeling for those in Australia.  Their rain refuses to go away, and their flooding is more than devastating.  It is summer over there to boot, and their farmlands have been washed clean.  Destroyed.   On the blog Hey Harriet, Tracy, who lives in Brisbane, wrote an article about what it is like over there right now.

 Flooded Australian farmland photo courtesy of the Associated Press

The news is predicting a world wide food shortage, in part due to Australia's natural disaster.  Megyn Kelly featured a report on that subject yesterday.  Here is a link to it on You Tube:  Food Shortages could cause rioting in the US.

Brazil's rain has caused many deaths through flooding and mudslides during the past week. 

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.  Please click here for info about Brazil's floods and mudslides:  Wikipedia: 2011 Brazil Floods

In Sri Lanka, monsoons are creating havoc this week, interrupting food distribution and flooding rice paddies.  Thankfully, not as many lives have been lost there.  Here is an article on this from the BBC News.

South Africa is also getting hit hard by rain, flooding and landslides:

All I can suggest as an ending to the post is to stock up on food at your own house.  It is only going to get more expensive, and they are predicting that it is going to get more scarce.  If you wish to give money for clean up and restoration to any of these countries, make sure it is going to a reputable charity.  I like Samaitans Purse myself.  I think that they really help people, and they seem to spend their funds wisely.

And, you can never go wrong with prayer.  There are so many needs, you pick.

~ Kathy

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