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Monday, January 3, 2011

Two New Spaces: Entry Redo and Spirituality Corner

This weekend, after Kari and Casey went home, I began taking down the Christmas decorations.  That is most of them in those boxes by the front door.  I think that I can get the rest of them into one more box.  The tree is still up, but it won't take long to put that back into the garage.  

I usually get inspired to redo some things when I am done with Christmas.  Yesterday, I re-did the entry way and also created a prayer corner in our bedroom.  

Here is the entry, before.  It is a small area, 8' x 6'.  We really need to paint the inside of the whole house, and I was thinking that would be a way to define this little area, but for now I used what I had.

We have tons of family photos on the walls.  When we first got married, I figured that it would be a nice touch to try to blend families with adult children and grandchildren that live far away.  I think that they need to be updated though.  I am going to put that on my list of things to do.


This is after.  I am really happy with this space!  I brought in my great-grandmother Barker's dresser from our bedroom.   Her daughter, my Grandma Johnson, would be close to 100 if she were still alive, so I'm not really sure how old this dresser is.

I brought this little bench in from our room too.  It is filled with old photo albums.  It is a now a nice place to sit down and to take your snowy boots off.

I put an over the door hook for extra hats, scarves and Cary's coat.  It thought that was pretty smart of me.  Plus it adds a bit of coziness.

I like the dark brown wood and the green plants ... real and artificial.  I took the photos that are in the black frames myself.  The gold frame on the wall was in a markdown basket a few years back.  The painting inside is actually a large greeting card that cost me about $6.00.

The mirror lets in more light into the room, and you can take a quick look at how great you look (or not) as you leave the house. Underneath the dresser, I used clear boxes to hold things like flashlights and dog leashes.

I am really happy with how this space turned out.

For space number two, I needed Grandma Johnson's trunk that the t.v. has been sitting on.  We placed the t.v. on the little table that used to be by the front door.  We are going to get a regular entertainment center for the t.v. soon; maybe even this week.  I have been wanting to get into the trunk, because it is full of fabric and patterns, so Cary helped me with the project of transfer and moving it.  Thanks, honey!

We put the trunk in our room, where the Grandma's dresser used to be, right when you walk in.

Oh!  It is like Christmas all over again.  But, no time to explore the contents today.  I still had work to do.  I wonder about the history of this trunk.  When did Grandma get it?  Whose was it before it was hers?

I didn't set out to make a prayer corner, that just kind of evolved.  I did need a place to put the boom box which is our not so fancy little stereo.  

On the trunk, I placed the quilt that Grandma gave me when I was 14.  It has the state flower of each state painted with "Liquid Embroidery".  Does anybody remember that stuff?   Grandma made it, and I love the bright colors, but she never did feel like that counted as a real quilt.   After she died, I received the one that Grandpa's mother made them as a wedding gift.  

So, anyway, when I was at Wes' service last Thursday, I started thinking about doing more than praying.  I am pretty good about that, but I think that I should be doing more Bible study.  Maybe even start going to church again?  We'll see.  Perhaps if I set something up that I passed by numerous times each day, I would be prompted to give more attention to my spiritual life.  I am going to try.  

I gathered up Bibles, books and even some 12 step stuff, and put it on the trunk.  I'm pretty excited about this.  I'm not Catholic, but I decided to borrow some of their tools.  I am also going to print out prayers, and put them on the blank wall next to the the trunk.

Cary gave me the crucifix last Christmas.  I figure that the oil lamp is for BIG PRAYERS, as well as for some gentle light.

Cary gave me my "Princess Angel" when we first met.  She is over looking a candle that I can light to keep somebody in prayer throughout the day.  Every-time I see the candle, I will remember to pray for that person.  The jade cross is one that my Mom brought me from Guatemala.  It is chunky and substantial to hold.  I have been wearing a larger one around my neck over the past several months.

These are worry beads that my friend Rosy gave me a long time ago.  The jar is another tool for prayer and worry.  You write down your concerns, put it in the jar and essentially give it to God.

These pretty rocks can be used as worry stones.  They are also a bit of nature stuck in as decoration.  I even threw in my crystal earrings. So, that is it.  Whatever works!  I am really kind of excited about this endeavor.

God bless you, as you go forth and celebrate the positive this week!

~ Kathy

I am participating in Metamorphosis Monday, joining Susan over at  Between Naps on the Porch.  When you have a chance, scoot on over there and see what others are up to this week!


craftyles said...

I love your entryway makeover. The antiques piece is beautiful. I also love the quilt from your Grandma. What a treasure! Happy New Year. CAn't wait to see what you are up to next!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You have a talent! Love the entryway. It looks so warm and comfortable. I imagine your whole home is like a big hug. :)

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Hi, Kathy! Great job on your entryway -- love that you brought your great-grandmother's dresser out there. It looks fantastic. I love all of your pictures on the wall too. One suggestion, which I see in blogland ALL the time: people have ALL of their frames painted black. I was looking at yours and I think your gold ones and wood ones would look fantastic if they were painted black to match your other black ones! (Hope you don't mind my suggestion!!) Also, your little prayer section is so sweet! I am sure you are getting a lot of "Jesus points" for doing such a lovely gesture for praying. I am Catholic and I have a St. Joseph's prayer that I think you'd love! Email me if you'd like me to send it to you. Well, great post and I hope 2011 is being good to you so far!

KathyB. said...

The entry way looks wonderful! I put a bench in our entryway a few years ago and am so glad I did. It really is nice and convenient to have a place to sit down and take off or put on shoes and boots. Our bench has storage underneath where we store the gloves and winter scarves too.You entry way looks inviting and homey. A prayer corner is a good idea too.

Happy new year!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...


You always say the nicest things to me. Here I think it is too cluttered and don't know what to eliminate, but you think it looks like a big hug. You are so sweet!


Thanks you for all of your thoughtful comments. I know what you mean about the matching black frames, but I move them around so much. I do like how the gold in the one on the wall matches the little gold ones on the dresser though.

I'm glad that you like the prayer corner, and I would love the St. Joseph's prayer! Thanks for thinking of enhancing my new project.

Kathy B.,

Hi! Thanks for leaving your special comments. I am now using the bench all the time. I used to have to go around to the couch or sit at my computer chair (but then I was always tempted to check on things and it would take twice as long to get out of here!)

Happy New Year to you too!

Have a great week everybody,
<3, (That equals a heart on FB)


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