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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Trip to Salem:

We left Friday morning for yet another trip to Salem. Cary is on the board of the Oregon Independent Aggregate Association, and we have monthly meetings. This meeting was to prepare for the one being held next Wednesday with some bigwigs from MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration).

Our first stop was near Idahna, at a campground right off of the highway at Blowout Road, so that Cary could have a smoke break. I look foward to these stops, because then I can take some pictures. We have two cameras now, so Cary has been taking more himself these days.

Anyway, these were taken at the North Santiam River:

A bit further down the road we stopped again, at the rest area that is on our route. We are both creatures of habit, so we kind of go back to the same spots. This is the rest area where we saw that man with the woman in the wheelchair begging a couple of months ago. They motivated me to gather up gift bags stocked with food, water, toiletries, etc. to carry around in my car so they are easy to pass out... but I haven't seen those two people since. (I did hand out one to a lady in Bend though, and have 3 ready to go in the back of my car.)

My sweetie.

Trails to the river that have "No Trespassing"
signs posted all over the place.

Mill City folks providing free drinks.
Thank you, nice Mill City people!

We made it Salem to the meeting with about 20 minutes to spare. We were the second ones there. This is a picture of the office of Court Street Consultants:

Cary and fellow board member,
Jerry, visiting prior to the meeting.

After the meeting we went to the place we stay while in Salem, Mill Creek Inn. It's a good joint, and handy. It was jammed packed, and there were only two rooms left. Cary sprung for the suite. It was fine, but was on the 3rd floor and bumped up to the stairwell ... there were thumps and slamming doors until about midnight. Poor Cary, I thought he was wearing his tennis shoes when he left for work and I did the packing ... we were almost to Bend when I noticed that he was wearing his work boots. He had to go to the 24 hour Walmart and buy some new tennis shoes. And, I packed the wrong slippers ... so here he is, having to take the elevator down 3 floors in sweats and slippers he didn't like to smoke. He said people stared and laughed, but I think he was making it up. (He hadn't been to Walmart yet.)

We ate dinner in the lounge at Denny's with our 10% off coupon provided by the motel, and in the morning at breakfast at Denny's with our free coupons. Mill Creek Inn throws in a lot of extras. We haven't even used the pool or sauna yet, but we did eat the cookies.

The View from the 3rd floor, through the screen.
At least nobody could look in your window in this room.

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