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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yellowstone Trip Eve:

Yesterday my mom, my boy and my nephew boy came over for the night on their way to Yellowstone. Whenever a grandkid graduates, my mom takes them on a graduation trip. Kari and Gabe went to Hawaii, Kristin and Spencer went to Southern California, Ollie went to Mexico, and Peter didn't get a trip. Sorry, Pete.

Nigel and Ethan graduated last year, but things were too hectic for a tip then. Nigel will be leaving for Navy boot camp at the end of this month, so Mom decided it was now or never. They left this morning.

Nigel and Ethan, just like in the old days ...
playing N64 and original Nintendo and watching
cartoons on a laptop in the playroom.

Ethan always keeps his eye out for the camera,
therefore he gets lots of nice pictures taken of himself.
My sister Julie, my brother Mitch, and my daughter
Kristin do the same thing. They are smart.

My handsome son.

My handsome nephew and my very handsome husband.

Me and my boy.

Hey, Ethan, great picture!
(see what I mean?)

Nigel, Mom and Ethan looking over their itineraries.
Mom is so organized that she even gave them each a
car key, so that they will never get
locked out of the car on their trip.

Hi, Sweetie!

Oh, I can't believe he is going to boot camp.

For dinner, we had:

Corn on the cob
Steamed Broccoli
Cottage Cheese
Bread and butter

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