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Monday, October 19, 2009

The crafting begins ....

When I'm not posting a lot on here, I am doing other things. Cleaning and rearranging the home have been accomplished for the most part, and I have started making things again. This is important for me to do, as it is a sign of good mental health, and that things have settled down in other arenas of life. Also, my main mess around the house now is all this extra "raw material", which needs to be made into other things so I can sell them or give them as gifts. (You know, as in, Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy.)

I actually felt a lot of inner resistance to begin sewing and crafting again. I wanted to, but had to talk myself into starting up again. I think it is because I am adding to my work load, and I have been pretty relaxed lately, reading a lot of novels, which is a good excuse to lay around on the couch.

However, I made 10 batches of playdough this weekend, and hand painted 16 little fishing poles for a children's game. I got online and looked up ideas for felt fish. I studied two good books: Cheaper and Better and A Cookbook of Remedies and Recipes of the Great Depression. Those books got me motivated. I finished 10 trick or treat bags for the grandkids, and found out that I have to go back to Bi-Mart and buy some more candy before I can mail them off. I used my food dehydrator, and dried some cranberries (not so successful), some bananas and some rose petals. I did some finish work on a pillow and a soft block, and my ideas of what to make in the near future are flowing freely.

Now I need to figure out where to sell my stuff. I don't really want to go to craft fairs, though I might go to one or two just to get my name out there. I am going to need to fix up my Dolls and Gifts website, and make a catalog (a photo album with pictures of what is in stock). Plus, I need to figure out how much to charge. See, it is a lot of work! I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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