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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freezing Rain: ICE is not NICE

Man, oh man. Did we get some weather this morning, or what? Freezing rain. In someways, I think it is the most dangerous weather condition we drive on around here. Ice, all of a sudden. The roads turn into glass, and it is difficult to drive safely on. Even if you have 4 wheel drive.

Which leads me to off on a tangent right people going too fast during the winter with the big rigs and 4 wheel drives cannot reason with ice any better than those of us who go slower. Especially on Lava Butte. Sometimes I imagine coming up on those people who scream by me at 70 miles per hour and are now flipped over in the ditch and saying to the driver ... was it really worth it? Now you are really going to be late! But if they run somebody off the road in the process, I want to stop and tell them what a dumbs*** , or worse, that they are. Hurrying can cause death in some cases. Please slow down!

But back to the story. I took some pictures around the yard while I was waiting for 15 minutes for my windshield to thaw enough so my ice scraper would work. Always time for a photo-op, I say.

See the white rocks? That is not frost on them,
that is ice. They are very slippery.

I couldn't even get my ice scraper to do
anything on this windshield until the
defroster was on for a long time.

The ice was at least 1/8" thick. When I got inside
and rolled this window down, the ice just stayed
there while the window was down. Weird.

The Yard on Ice:

The end.

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