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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is my new year....

I love the fall. It is the beginning of my new year. I think I will always be on school schedule. Plus, beginning my year in the fall also comes in handy for me, since my birthday is in October, so I really get to begin my new year at the same time I turn a year older. I feel like doing my yearly organizing and cleaning in the fall, sometimes. I begin thinking about the gifts I'll be making for Christmas, and looking forward to the upcoming snow. Things slow down and I have more time to ponder.

Most people make their new year resolutions in January, but not me. I could never figure out why you would want to make big changes in the middle of the winter. Do it when there is still some sun and warmth around. When the weather is making it's big changes too ... shedding it's leaves, bringing in rain and wind, with still hope for a few nice days mixed in.

Enjoy your fall ... though I think in Central Oregon it is nearly over already ... winter is almost here.

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