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Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Libra Family Birthdays:

You may have noticed, we have a lot of October birthday's in our family. Surrounded by Libra's we are, and since I am a Libra, I consider that a good thing. Maybe that is why we get along so well.

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey, Fernando, Bryan and Uncle Chunk!

Love ya,

Kathy and Cary

Jeffrey Matthews, our great-nephew
(Photo from Jeffrey's Facebook page)

Fernando, my cousin, pictured here
with Jen, Nanny, Nancy, and friend.
(Photo from Nancy's Facebook page)

Bryan, my cousin.
(Photo from Bryan's Facebook page.)

Uncle Chunk with Maria

Libra - the Scales (Sep 22 - Oct 23)

"Sugar and spice and all things nice - that's what Librans are made up of. Libra is a cardinal air sign, which means that they know what they want and with their mental mastery are most likely to get it!

Libra's ruling planet Venus, makes subjects of this sign courteous, charming, caring and captivatingly cuddly. Make no mistake, Librans can charm the birdies right out of the trees. The trouble is that Librans like to be liked too much. In fact they can't bear to believe that someone can't stand them.

Librans are assertive, ambitious and go-getters but they try to get what they want with a smile. This is the sign of nuptial bliss, of partnerships in both business and in love. And so it's the sign of enemies too. After all, you can have a rapport with a rival just as much as you'll have an affinity with a pal. Although the Libran motto is "peace at all costs", you must not forget the razor's edge between love and hate.

Librans think too much of their pals and partners and can be too selfless for words and their quest for beauty. With this love for all things bright and beautiful, Librans can seldom cope with anything coarse or crude. The trouble with Librans is that they can be irritatingly indecisive and can drive anyone up the wall. They also like to keep everything fair and square, and if they feel they've been wronged, they fight evil till justice is done.

Librans love of harmony and balance extends to matters of the heart, as you might expect and when a Libran falls in love, it can be like a rerun of all the most romantic stories in the world. Even in the friendship section, Librans make perfect pals because they're so open, outgoing and obliging. They're great fun to be with and usually, to know them is to love them.

Because this is a cardinal sign, Librans are ambitious and like to know where they are going, though any disharmony at the work place can make them uneasy and irritable. Just remember that the keywords for Librans are 'partnership' and 'harmony'. Put them into practice professionally and your Libran colleagues will love you forever. These folk really know what they are doing when it comes to their homes! They spent loads of time and energy on harmonizing everything in sight.

Librans usually glide along with their heads held high, but their backs can give way because of their weak spine at some time of their lives. The kidneys can be another weak spot and Librans should watch what they drink. But all in all whatever the Libran chooses to do will centre on looking and learning. This is such an intellectual sign that the Libran will love to keep his / her head busy and buzzing at all hours of the day and might. Quite a handful, really!

Librans need peace and harmony in all their relationships, so help them maintain that. Venus, the ruling planet, gives them beauty and they have weakness for people who can compliment them about their beauty (you will not have to make an effort to do that anyway). You can help Libra seek union and partnership in life. If you have a Libra partner you can be sure to share beautiful and pleasurable moments together.

Libra is kind and gentle soul but very argumentative. Hence, do not start an argument or discussion unless, of course, you are free and do not know how to pass your time. They hate to lose and most probably during an argument may change sides too (remember scales can tilt) and still continue arguing from the other side. Do not push your Libra partner into making decisions. They will keep weighing pros and cons and may still not be able to come to any decision. Have patience."

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