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Monday, October 26, 2009

Go sit down! Where I say to!

The story I am about to tell you is true. The hospital worker was not wearing pink, nor was she smiling, but I had a hard time finding the right picture, so I figured this one would have to do. You don't need a picture of me, I am easy to spot; I guess I look like a shady character.

This morning, I went into Bend with my husband to Bend Memorial Clinic. He was getting some blood drawn (well actually, he has a CDL and his name came up in the random pool for one of their tests). We were in the Family Practice/Urgent Care waiting room, surrounded by sick people wearing masks because either a) they were afraid they had the Swine Flu and had to see the doctor; or b) they were afraid they would get the Swine Flu in the waiting room, which I can relate to. After Cary went inside the doctor's office, I hightailed it out to the hallway, next to the drinking fountain. I didn't want to be surrounded by sick people, because I'm not sick. I was just along for a ride to Bend and some lunch, for goodness sake!

After a while, I decided to sit on the floor. People walked by and smiled at me and I explained my presence in the hallway ... I'm just waiting for my husband, and I don't want to be in that waiting room with the sick people. They nodded and said, well, I don't blame you. I was at a strategic place, where I could see both exit doorways to make sure I didn't miss Cary when he was finally done. It took a half hour for him to finally finish up. He was in there flirting and laughing with the lab lady, while I was doing my best to avoid jail time (come to find out later).

Anyway, this administrative woman came out and asked why I was sitting there. So I stood up and told her my plan on avoiding the Swine Flu. She said, well this is a well traveled hallway, why don't you go and sit on that chair in the waiting room (next to two people with masks). I don't think she was listening to me very well. I said no thank you. She said, well the main waiting room is up this hallway, go sit there. I said, no, I might not see my husband when he gets through. Then I asked, why, has somebody complained about me being in the hallway? No, no, nothing like that. At that time, this older woman with blond hair walked by and said, I saw you sitting there, and I thought you couldn't get up by yourself. Perhaps I looked like I was the one in need of a random drug and alcohol test? Jeeze, I thought I looked alright. The blond lady had reported me to the administrative lady. Great. If I looked to be in such desperate need, maybe the blond lady could have asked if I needed help instead of calling the hall cop.

So, I scooted over a few feet, to the other side of the drinking fountain, and waited another 10 minutes. The administrative woman stopped in front of me again. I am just worried that your legs will get tired, standing here, she said. Okay, so, it is against the law to sit down, and now perhaps against the law to stand up? I began to worry that she was going to call security, just to win the power struggle of where I was allowed to wait.

The whole thing was kind of weird. I was really glad when Cary finally came out the door, and we were able to leave that place. However, if I was worrying anybody, I am sorry. I just didn't want to get the Swine Flu, that's all. That is the reason why I was standing/sitting by the drinking fountain instead of sitting in the waiting room with the mask people.

P.S. - I am avoiding drinking from drinking fountains until this flu is gone...especially in hospitals and doctors offices. They look way too germy to me. And I will make sure to ask people if they are okay first, instead of calling semi-security.


Anonymous said...

You poor lady - you handled it very well!
Anet Carlson

Anonymous said...

oh my! some people just really have a need to feel important! you did handle it well.... much better than i would have! i had two of my boys at the dr. today and they were passing out mask's if you were coughing, or just wanted one. we also have two waiting rooms, one for sick and the other for healthy. also sick people enter from a differant door. have a good night! shanna

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting, Anet and Shanna. It sounds like your doctor has a better system, Shanna ... I hope the boys were able to come in on the well side?


avagdro said...

Thanks Kathy for sharing your experience.Well being consciously alert and aware sounds really good.Great job finally.

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Kathy at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy Welcomes You! said...

Thank you for reading, avagdro ... I really like your blog. ~ Kathy

Anonymous said...

Ok Kathy, it really sounds like you are starting to have experinces that usually only happen to me .

Anonymous said...

Hey, why anonymous said? This is Carly...
Very funny story. Grist for my mill. Maybe I'll use it as a funny story that happened to a friend? If that's okay? Wow, I'm amazed they didn't call Homeland Security. I sit on the floor a lot, because I can't stand due to spinal stenosis. Maybe I look even more dangerous than you? I am never questioned about it, but people seem to give me a wide berth. You nefarious person, you!

Kathy at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy Welcomes You! said...

LOL! We use anonymous sometimes when we can't figure out how to put our names on here ... but I still like it when people sign their names, so I know who they are. I don't know who the person above you is ... hey, if you check back, can you please sign? Thanks! ~ Kathy

Anonymous said...

April are you the unsigned Anon.? Oh my gosh, I hope I don't start having experiences like you! It's just better if I listen to yours! ;>)

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