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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My 1000th Post!!! Andy Williams and Selling Almond Roca for the Sorrity Sisters:

Please enjoy the music of ... Andy Williams!  I tried to do a playlist of Anne Murray songs, but apparently she isn't on  I thought that was weird.  She is probably just as famous as Andy Williams, maybe even more so.  Oh, well.  I have been thinking about Andy Williams anyway.  I used to love listening to his records on our stereo when I was 8 or 9.  His songs are easy to sing along too.  I just learned today that Andy Williams sings "I Think I Love You".  Do you think he stole that from David Cassidy, or was it the other way around?  I'll have to get to the bottom of that one.

Thinking about Andy Williams reminded me of when I was young and my Mom belonged to Sorority.  It wasn't the kind of sorority that you belong to in college.  It was one that you joined later on.  They met on a regular basis, did fundraisers, had family get togethers and wild parties.  Their husbands made those parties wild.  

I remember one party that was at our house, with Andy Williams blaring away on the stereo, and they played this one party game.  A bit of drinking must have been going on, that is all I can figure out.  They would throw a sheet over a game participant and say take off anything that you don't need.  So, the person would take off their watch.  The others would say, is that all you don't need?  Take off anything you don't need.   It would go on and on.  One guy got down to his underwear and everybody was cracking up.  Of course, the sheet was the thing that they didn't need!

One of the sorority's annual fundraisers was selling Almond Roca door-to-door.  Each Sorority Sister was given a certain amount of the candy and a certain amount of time.  My Mom was a harried mother of four with a full time job as a nurse, and going door-to-door selling Almond Roca really did not appeal to her.

So, she passed that job on to me and my best friend Carla (aka: Carly).  We would go around the neighborhood selling the cans of Almond Roca, and when we were sold out we each got our own can for our hard labor.  "Will work for candy!", that was us!

There were lots of nice ladies in Mom's sorority.  Bonnie, Rosemary, and some lady who owned a ski shop.  I don't remember them all anymore.  After awhile, Mom got her sister, my Nanny to join.  They all loved Nanny; but then who didn't.  She is not only a lot of fun, she was Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart.  

The story that I remember about Nanny and Sorority is this one.  Sorority had another wild party, by that time I was a teenager.  I was babysitting my cousins overnight while Nanny and Uncle went to this party.  Nanny is not a drinker, in fact, I have never even seen her drink at all.  But she must have drank something at that party because she was a little hungover when they got home the next day.

My cousin Kristi had a parakeet, and due to the family cat, the door to her room was supposed to stay shut.  Well, that got overlooked on my watch.  The kids and I were out riding mini-bikes at the park when Nanny and Uncle got home.  (Gosh, times have changed.  Do kids get to ride mini-bikes anymore?  With a 15-year-old babysitter, out in the country, when cell phones were 30 years away from being invented?)  Anyway, my hungover auntie came home to evidence the cat's feast, and that didn't help her sour stomach situation.  Sorry, Nanny!  The funny thing is that she quit sorority shortly thereafter.  I suspect that she couldn't handle their parties any longer.  They were all so upset to lose her.

Well, that is my trip down memory lane for today.  I hope you enjoyed the little walk as much as I did.

Celebrate the positive!



Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Holy cow! Nanny and Uncle were some WILD partiers if they got home the NEXT DAY when you were already out on bikes with the kids! That so funny! Too bad about that poor little bird though!!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

I forgot to say: Happy 1000th Post!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
Best regards and blessings,

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thank you, Gloria. That is more than one post a day, and some days I was gone, so I do feel good about that.

I talked to my Mom yesterday and she really enjoyed this post. She thought it was pretty funny, remembering those good old days.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Congrats on your 1000th post! How did I miss this one? You rock!

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