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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cold Monday:

Hello, Dear Friends!

I hope that it is warmer where you are than where I am.  I enjoy the snow as well as the next gal, but not this kind of snow.  Especially when I need to run errands.  Ham and turkeys for the employees, and a new heater for our security guy.  Some banking also.  I just want to stay home; but duty calls.

It is cold and windy.  By tomorrow we are supposed to get between 8 and 14 inches of it.  Not only that, an arctic cold front is blowing in.  They were predicting -13 for tomorrow night, but have changed it to 0, thank goodness. 

The birds who hang around during the winter, and the squirrels who never leave, are thankful for the bird feeder staying full.  The trees guard the food pretty well, keeping it mostly dry.  They all flew away when I opened the door, except for the dove on the left.  This is the first year that we have fed the birds during the winter.  It is a good thing that Mange, our outside cat who refuses to come inside, isn't much of a hunter. 

There are two more things that I would like to mention this morning.  First, welcome Lynn as the newest follower on Oregon Gifts!  Thank you, Lynn for joining us; you make me happy.  

The second thing is that my friend Lisa gave me my first ever blogger award!  Thank you,  Lisa!  Lisa said some pretty nice things about me, and just about made me cry.  Now I am supposed to send this award on to three others.  That is harder than you would think.  You don't want to hurt anybody's feelings for not picking them.  And, there are some people that you would like to pick, but they don't accept awards.  They are "award free" bloggers.  I don't know why for sure.  If you are an award free blogger, can you please leave a comment about that?  Thank you. 

I chose to pass this award on to Becky, Laraine and Gloria.  When you get a chance, please give them a visit!

I have all of my tube socks now filled with corn, and will finish up that part sometime today or tomorrow.  Then I will need to make 28 covers for them, and they will be ready to go.  I still have some corn left, and am considering filling up a few intact tube socks for neck warmers.  

I am feeling pretty good about things this morning. I am lucky enough to have a nice warm home, and a computer, and a blog where I can sit here and complain about the weather.  I have a best friend husband who let me watch Paranormal State on the big t.v. last night, even though he doesn't enjoy those kind of shows.  I have two dogs who love me, and who follow me from room to room to constantly prove it.  Our kids and grandkids are healthy, and are doing well.  Those are some of the things that I am thankful and grateful for.

On another note, I used my three crock pots yesterday and made taco filling, navy bean soup with real ham and a bunch of spaghetti with meat sauce.  If we do lose power, everything will be fine.  If the snow stops and it gets pretty, I hope that we will be able to go snowmobiling sometime soon.

Well, that is enough about me.  How were your weekends?  What did you do?  I hope that you have a wonderful week and a wonderful Thanksgiving, and God bless!



Laraine said...

Thank you so much for the nice award and sending friends my way. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your kindness!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Laraine,

Oh, you are so welcome. You are awesome, and your blog posts make me laugh. I love how your mind works!


BECKY said...

Thank you, dear Kathy! You're such a sweetie. I gratefully accept the award! I LOVE the snow photos on here and your newer post! Beautiful! I believe everything you said that you're thankful for pretty much covers it for me, too! About the only difference is that I only have ONE dog, who follows me from room to room!! :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Becky,

You are very welcome! Lol about the dogs. It is so great to be loved.

God bless,


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