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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hutch Top ... Table Top ... Bench Top: Putting Up Some Christmas Decos

The Living Room Hutch Composition:


The Living Room Table (for now):



Grandma T.'s Bench and by the T.V.:

The End.

For now.

Until we put up the tree.  
And, some other stuff.


I am so happy to be participating in Marty's Tabletop Tuesday:

A Stroll Through Life

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30,000 Visits!

Hey, you guys!  Sometime today, the Oregon Gifts hit counter will turn over 30,000!  Wow.  On September 13, I had just gotten 20,000 ... so this really is exciting to me.  Thank you for coming here to visit, and for coming back to see what is up around here.  I appreciate you lots and lots!

Love ya all,


I was actually the 30,000th visitor!  I didn't cheat either!  How funny is that?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010:

Every year, we gather in the fellowship hall of the church that my Mom is a member of.  It is in Eugene, where some of us live.  The rest of us drive from other cities around Oregon to meet for our Thanksgiving Dinner annual event.

We arrange the tables, and decorate them.  

My cousins helped me get the decorations on the table.  
Of course, I forgot to take a "finished" picture.

My brother-in-law Rhett made this yummy apple pie.  Last year, everybody brought pumpkin pie.  This year nobody did.  Kari had a pumpkin topping on her homemade cheesecake though.

 Rhett, the pie maker.

Mom makes a birthday cake each year, because after dinner, we celebrate the November and December birthdays.  Maria is the beautiful model beside the cake.  Like Vanna White. 

Uncle Frank works on the mashed potatoes.
They are his specialty.

Nanny puts one of the turkeys on the platters.  
Zach is washing something in the sink.

Aunt Marty always looks so pretty!

She informed me that next year, I was in charge.  I said no way.  I live too far away, where there is ice and snow.  In the end it was determined that Julie, Kari and Amy will help to be in charge next year.

Tim and Amy are GREAT helpers.  Thanks, you guys.  That is probably one reason why Amy was put in charge for next year though.  In this family, you get rewarded for your hard work.

Michael and Mom are proud of how this dinner is turning out.

We gather around the room for the blessing.  Uncle Chunk makes the blessing short and sweet.  That is when I learned that Micheal and Alex are going to Afghanistan for a long, long time.  Whoa.  Uncle Chunk just puts in the most important parts.  When Uncle Frank gives the blessing it lasts longer and is a bit more flowery.  I enjoy both of their styles.

We politely get in line for the buffet:

Scott stood right by the food, so he was first in line.  Pretty clever!

The baby provides lovely music for our listening entertainment. 

After we are ready for dessert, Mom gathers everybody with a November or December birthday up.  We sing happy birthday.  The dude in the wheelchair is faking injury.  He just likes popping wheelies.

Casey blows out the candles.

Angie, Julie and Sally enjoy their visit.

Casey, Kari and Jen let me take their picture.  The next time we will all be together will probably be  next summer at Jen's wedding.

Kristin, gorgeous as always.

Ethan and Kari

Danny listens to his girl.

There are a lot more pictures, but I put them on Facebook.  I just wanted to show you how things go at our Thanksgiving.  I'll use my friend Lisa's phrase and just say that, for us, "It is a soft place to land."  I feel touched with the love of my family, and don't take anything for granted anymore, these days.

God bless!

~ Kathy

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