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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gardening Books, Vintage and Otherwise: How to Plant a Terrarium

I gathered up some of the gardening books that I have on hand this morning, so that I could feature a couple of the vintage ones that I have:

Here is the first one.  It was published in 1954:

I got this one with the same bunch of books as the vintage red dictionaries that I showed you yesterday:

The copyright says 1951 and 1954:

I like how this book was made in a loose-leaf fashion.

Aren't these little girls adorable?

These two pages tell you how to make a terrarium.  You can click on them to enlarge them for easier reading:

The next two books are not vintage, of course, but I wanted to show them to you anyway.  This Mary Engelbreit Outdoor Companion book is my favorite books to sit down and look at:

The book below is the only one that really does me any good out of all those shown above; living here in La Pine.  We have a very short growing season, and it can freeze any night of the year here (yep, even in the middle of summer).  Gardening can be done, but you really have to learn about how to do it.  That is where Linda Stephenson comes in.  Linda and her husband Sonny own L & S Gardens.  Linda wrote the book below in 1996, and she also holds classes to help us newbies.  Thanks, Linda!

This year is the first year that I am going to make a vegetable garden here in La Pine.   I wanted to do it last year, but we barely got a summer and I ran out of enthusiasm. 

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Lesa said...

Good Collection! I love gardening books almost as much as cookbooks! Good luck with the garden! Our summers are hot so I wouldn't mind a freeze but I'd hate to lose my garden.

Donnie said...

Garden books are like cookbooks to me. I love to look at them but hardly ever make post.

LV said...

That is a wonderful collection of gardening books. If you follow all these suggestion, you will have the prettiest garden in Oregon.

Coloradolady said...

I love vintage cookbooks and the like. You really have a great collection here. Thanks for linking in today. Happy VTT!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, ladies! Lesa and Donnie, I had to laugh, because I am drawn to them more than to cookbooks ... but any book that is cheap and especially old gets my attention. I don't use my cookbooks much either.

LV I hope our garden does turn out good. Suzanne, thanks so much for hostessing and for stopping by!

Lesa said...

Me too-- I can't resist bargain books or old books-- when the bargain and old coincide-- WooWoo!!

The first linky party for book bargain finds that I mentioned a few weeks ago will be in about a week-- I need to do the announcement post but the button is already on display in Mrs. BG's sidebar. It is called 'Bargain Book Bonanza'. Hope you join in!!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

I came for Pink Saturday and enjoyed this article as well. My senior mom and I had the more current versions of the Sunset Gardening book and loved them! Have a great Pink Saturday.

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