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Sunday, February 27, 2011

M.E. Paper Dolls and a ME Give-Away:

I did this post last fall, but that was before I knew about Vicki's "I Love M.E. Mondays".   So, it is a rerun for some of you, but the first time for others.  Plus, I am giving my paper doll idea up for grabs.  I'm too busy right now to host it, but would sure enjoy participating in it.

It is Vicki's birthday too (over at Cherry Chick Jewelry) ... so please head on over to say hello and to see lots of other neat Mary Engelbreit stuff when you get a minute:  I Love M.E. Monday. 

Do you guys still have your Mary Engelbreit paper dolls?  Anne Estelle and her friends?  I wish that someone would begin a Paper Doll Linky Party!  I was going too, but now I have to much on my plate.  In my mind, all paper dolls would be fine to feature, not just M.E. ones. 

In the meantime, this morning, as I was gathering my other ME things for an upcoming photoshoot, I found my basket of paper dolls.  They come in the back of her Home Companion magazine, and I was pretty good about cutting them out, way back when.

This was the fun part.  I got out three sheets of photo paper and a ball of sticky tack.  I dressed some of the dolls, and put them on their own page with sticky tack (I figured that it was easier on the dolls than tape would be).  Then I scanned and cropped them, and posted them on here.  How fun!

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

~ Kathy

 Geralyn from Greetings from Geralyn
is having a contest and giving away everything above!
The contest closes on March 7th, so you still have time to enter.

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Donnie said...

What a cute idea. I have not seen much M.E. stuff and I sure do like looking at what you have. Such fun.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, Donnie. I was really happy to find Vicki's site and that she has a linky party so that we can enjoy everybody's collections.

Shelia said...

Oh, how sweet! I love these little ME paper dolls! Paper dolls were my passion as a little girl.
Thanks for your kind comments about my ancestry research. Good luck with your search.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sarah said...

I, too, love paper dolls and have all the M. E. paper dolls from my Home Companion issues. I did a post with some of mine for Chinese New Year. Had intended to do one for Valentine's Day, but just didn't get around to it. Perhaps for Easter. ;-) I like the idea of a linky party, but I don't have time. Perhaps for now we should just use M.E. Monday and post Mary's dolls. I don't have any others. My childhood paper dolls are long gone. ~ Sarah

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I so loved paper dolls as a child. These are so adorable and much prettier than I had growing up.

Betty said...

Those dolls are so cute! My ME paper dolls are packed away with my back issues of the magazine. I only cut out a few of them. I was afraid I'd lose all the pieces. Happy ME Monday!

Geralyn Gray said...

Thanks so much for sharing my giveaway......I love the paper dolls in the magazines...I used to put them on magnet sheets and cut them and then put them on the bottom of the refrigerator for my daughter to play with.

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