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Thursday, February 10, 2011

This and That Thursday:

Take a look at this baby!  We think his name is going to be "Grover".  My daughters Kristin and Kari drove to Albany to pick him up last night.  He is 5 months old, and is our new granddoggy.  He looks very sturdy and adorable.  Welcome to family, sweetie.  Congratulations, Kristin!

Kristin has such graceful hands.  Mine are short and stubby.

Of course I'm not getting paid for what I am going to say next, though I wish that I was.  It would be kind of nice to receive some money from my blog someday.  Still, I love to celebrate the positive, and I have found that these products really do work. 

I usually buy the cheap liquid laundry soap when I am at Bi-Mart.  The other day when we were in Bend  I went to Grocery Outlet, and they did not have my brand.  This ultra-concentrated Purex was only $2.99, and I thought oh, what the heck, I'll take a chance.  The bottles are small, but they claim to do 38 loads of laundry.  One capful per load, the label said.  I was thinking, are you guys sure?

Well, that stuff works as claimed.  I was very impressed with how clean and bright our clothes looked.  I'm not joking.  They looked brighter.  And, they smelled fresh.  I would buy it again.

Okay, on this next part I am giving a disclaimer.  I am not a health practitioner of any sort.  I do not know what you can take or not take.  I am not telling you to follow my advice or suggest that you do.  If you cannot take cold medicine or Aleve, then please skip the rest of this part of this post.

My Testimonial:
It was three years ago, and I had that bad, bad cold that lasted for 6 weeks or more.  I was taking cold pills; theraflu; anything to try and stop the symptoms.  They left me groggy, and wore off after 3.5 hours.  If I did get to sleep, I would wake up as soon as the meds  wore off.  (I know that some of you guys have little kids and have to get up to go to work, and bad colds like that are a major pain.)

My son's graduation from high school was coming up in another town, and I was not looking forward to being sick on that important weekend.  I gave in and went to the doctor.  This is what he told me to do, and it worked!  It really really worked then, and still does:

I take one 24 hour antihistamine in the morning.  I take two Aleve's as directed.  (Ibuprofen can be substituted for Aleve ... but if you can't take either of those, then don't.)  I take Muconex twice a day, as the label says.  The store brands work fine also.  

That is it, it is as easy as that.  What I like about this combination, (besides the fact that it is effective for my cold and is cheap) is that I have no groggy side effects like I do with traditional cold medicine.  If I can get on top of the cold with this combo before it gets a firm hold, sometimes it is not as severe.  At least I feel more comfortable.

I keep these all together, with the instructions written in permanent marker so that we can find them easily.

Stain Bully:  I have one other product that works and deserves a shout out, but I have to buy some more so that I can demonstrate its effectiveness.  It is called Stain Bully, and it take the orange water stains out immediately with no smell.  Stay tuned!

I hope that everybody has a wonderful day.

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LV said...

What great suggestions. I will try out the wash products, but I stay away from anything that looks like medicine. I hate taking it, but have to for high BP.

Kim, USA said...

Good that it works for you. Keep warm and happy weekend!

Tuscola Today- Alysia and Syndee said...

What an adorable doggie!

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