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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clouds and Weather Report:

On Sunday morning, we woke up wondering what to do with our day.  Deciding to go to Bend for lunch sounded like a great idea. 

Cary wanted to take a few minutes to replace the mechanism in the back of the toilet first, something that should have taken about 10 minutes with the one-size-fits-all kit made in Mexico.  After an hour of non-productive and frustrating work, he gave up and said, lets go to ACE and buy a new toilet.

We hopped in the car and I started noticing the clouds.  They were weird on Sunday.  A shopping mall of clouds in all variety dotted the sky.  I put my camera on advanced sports shooting, rolled down the window and began clicking away.

Buildings were in the way once we arrived in town, but the pictures are still kind of neat.

Sometimes, power lines can add a lot to a picture:

We bought the toilet-in-a-box special, for $109.00  I thought that was actually not so bad.  The kit that didn't work was $25.00.   

Here were some other clouds of that afternoon:

Cary called up our friend Kenny, and he brought his girlfriend Karen over with him.  Karen and I visited as Kenny and Cary installed the new toilet.  As Kenny carried the new toilet out to the front yard, he got sopping wet, and so did parts of our carpet.  They took the old toilet home with them, because Kenny thought that he could fix it.

We never did make it to Bend that day.

It rained a little bit that night, but last night was when we got a lot of it.  The wind is blowing this morning and the leaves are falling off of the trees.  There is a chance of snow predicted for this coming Sunday.  Already!  This year, our summer lasted a long time.  I am wondering if our winter will do the same.

Hope that you are all having a wonderful week!

~ Kathy M. 

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Kathy A. Johnson said...

Sometimes those simple home repairs are the worst! Pretty cloud photos, though--your go-with-the-flow attitude must have helped.

Man, you're about to start winter and we haven't even started fall yet! We're supposed to get cooler, drier air this week, though. I can't wait!

Helen said...

When you do plan your next trip to Bend, give me a head's up ... I'm away for the duration of October, home early November!!! Would love to meet you ...

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Snow! Wow...seems early, Kathy! Of course, we're just hoping to get a *day* of snow this year in NC--last winter we had 0 snow in the Charlotte area (which made my daughter very sad!)

Love the pictures of clouds. When I was a child, I always wanted the time to lie on a blanket in the backyard and watch the clouds all day...but that pesky school got in the way. I thought when I was an adult, I'd have the time...ha!

Melissa Bradley said...

I love clouds. I could look right at them or pictures of them all day. Now that I'm starting to take more pics, I just might be taking some cloud pictures. We get some great shots with all the skyscrapers here.

Deb Gould said...

Yesterday was my birthday; you got wonderful clouds and some spectacular power lines (I will have to look at power lines differently now); in Maine we got an earthquake! Happy birthday, indeed!

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