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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

La Pine Fire Department Gifted Pet Oxygen Masks by the Community

Yesterday, I was asked to tag along and take some pictures for my friend, Bunny Larsell.  Bunny is so cool.  You may remember her from previous posts, where I visited her at the local 4th of July fair, "Click here to see the 2010 fair pictures".

When Bunny sees something that needs to be done, she gets right to work.  This time, her project was leading the community in purchasing three sets of pet respirators, one for each of La Pine's fire stations.  Community members were given the opportunity to donate toward the cause.  Yesterday, along with City Councilmen Dan Varcoe and Stu Martinez, the Wag'n 02 Fur Life sets were presented to Chief Mike Supkis.

"Wag'N 02 Fur Life is an educational and public safety organization dedicated to providing pet oxygen masks to first responders across North America to help save animal lives following structural fires."   

Bunny's mother lost a beloved dog in a fire long ago, and she knows how heartbreaking that can be. 

First, we met at the Adminstrative Office:

Dave Disney and I got there first, and then were joined by the others:  

Chief Mike puts his coat on; it was really cold out when the wind was blowing yesterday:

We walked next door to the station.  Dan Varcoe, Cheif Mike and Stu Martinez went over the plans:

Newberry Eagle owner and photographer, Sandy Jones, talks with Dan and Stu.  Dan is also a reporter for The Newberry Eagle. :    

Chief Mike and Carol Jackman with her sweet Labradoodle, Abby, stand next to the fire engine:

Abby was such a good dog!  Stu was going to bring his dog for the demonstration, but something happened and that boy was in time-out for the day.  Abby filled in at the last minute, and she did a great job:

Bunny's friend, Martha Bauman, rounded out our little group for the photo-shoot:

Everybody began to get organized:

Bunny held up the certificate for all to see:

And then it was time to demonstrate how the oxygen masks are used:  

Everybody was very happy:

Here are some close-ups of Abby.  She loved being the star of the show, and wasn't worried about having the oxygen mask covering her nose.  Carol said that they practiced that morning with an empty 2 liter plastic pop bottle (cut in half):

We got ready to say good-bye and posed for a few more pictures.  BFF's Martha and Bunny:

Dave and Bunny ...

Bunny hopes to see that all Central Oregon fire stations will soon have their own set of pet oxygen masks.  She has some ideas on how to make that happen.  Thank you, Bunny!

To learn more about about how you can participate with Wag'n 02 Fur Life in your community, please click here to go to their blog.

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Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You had to know I'd love this post! Abby is gorgeous and her doggy smiles are awesome. This is a wonderful cause most worthy of support. Thanks for the link info, too.

Wendy said...

I never knew there was such a thing as respirators for pets. Now I'm wondering if our local fire departments have them.

BECKY said...

How wonderful for our four-legged family members!!

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