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Monday, October 25, 2010

Good, Better, Best ...

This has been my motto for years, since I found it when Nigel was a baby:  "Good, better, best, never let it rest, until the good is better and the better's best."  I keep striving for improvement.

I am working on a behind the scenes project on my blog.  I have two goals to achieve before November 4th.  On November 4th, Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy will turn two!  Yay!

Right now, this is post #969.  My first goal is to have 1,000 posts by my anniversary date.  Somehow, that does not daunt me a bit.  I post so often that it seems as if I am never at a loss for story ideas and photos that fit into my self imposed "Celebrating the Positive Portions of Everyday Life".

My second goal is a bit more tedious.  You see, I have never labeled my posts.  I didn't know why that would be important, and I could easily find most of my stories by topic in the search box at the top left.  Then I signed up for "Link Within".  It is a free program which searches through my blog posts and brings up like stories and appears at the bottom of each post.  Plus, I think that labeling the stories might help with them being found on the internet.  I'm not positive about that, so if you know, please leave me a comment.

So, I am going back through all of my older posts and labeling them so that they will group together correctly.  Currently, "Scooter the Puppy" is showing up with "Grandma Pearl's Dishes", and I'm not sure why, except that maybe Link Within is trying to do it's job no matter what. 

It is kind of fun to go back through all of my posts though.  Some I have even forgotten about.  Some of them I think, oh, my, why did I put this on here?  Others I think, wow, I wrote that?  (I used to think that on my school papers, because I talk different than I write.  I talk way more casually, and don't usually use big words.)  Or, I see photos that I did not remember taking.

I also enjoy seeing how my blog used to look, and how it looks now.  "Before" and "After".  A while ago I changed the page design so that my photos could be bigger, that really helped the overall look of my blog.

Blogging has also helped me work through many issues that have been lingering on in my head for years.  But for the most part, I have tried to work through them in a positive manner, due to the nature of this particular blog.   

Well, back to work on this snowy October morning.  I hope that all of  you have a wonderful week!

~ Kathy


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Look at you, being a bad influence on me! It is 11 pm here and I should be snoozing, but I thought, "Oh, I need to catch up with Kathy's blog!" I realize I can't ever be caught are so prolific! I'll do my best, though. Your blog is very happy and upbeat, which I believe is your goal. Mission accomplished!

Snow? You have snow? It was 75 and muggy in Atlanta today. And--LOL--a dusting of snow will shut the city down for three days. :P

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Ha! Sorry, Lisa ... I hope you didn't get nightmares, lol. Thanks for saying that I am doing a good job at celebrating the positive. I really have changed my outlook on life since I've been focusing on what is right and good instead of what is wrong and I cannot change. :>)

I love your word for me. Now I am a prolific energizer bunny!

I love the snow, but 75 and muggy sounds pretty nice right now too.


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