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Monday, October 4, 2010

Reflecting back over the week ...

Man, what a busy week.  Okay, there is the obvious stuff ... coming home, posting all those trip photos, organizing a contest, catching up on laundry, getting the outside critters fed and watered, etc.  That stuff is to be expected, and was actually enjoyable.

But we had some very traumatic things happen too, like Cody dying.  It is so hard to see your child heartbroken.  The neighbor man who lived next door to us as I was growing up, my friend's father, died this week too.  Our long time family friend, Pauline, also passed away (she was in her late 90's, and she and her husband were best friends with my grandparents).  My step-mom's sister, Joanna, died too.  The baby deer who eats and drinks from our bird feeder showed up by herself, and I am wondering where her mom is.  Everytime I turn around, somebody is dying on me.  It sucks.

There were some other things that happened that will not be discussed on here, but were/are worrisome, and take lots of prayer and energy to deal with.  It is so hard to watch those you love have difficulties.

My sweetie has a bad case of that flu/cold that is going around, and I feel so sorry for him.  I am trying my best to not succumb to that dang bug myself.  Right now, I am as faithful about taking my little pink antihistamine pills and Muconex tablets as others are about taking their birth control pills.

Lots of good things have happened too, though.  Tyler's team won again on Friday, and they are still undefeated for the season.  Grandboys Garrett, Cameron, Casey, Johnny, and Collin, are all playing football right now too.  The Oregon Ducks won a difficult game against Stanford.  Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners won the Cy Young pitching award.  The Yankees are going into the playoffs, which is never a surprise, but I don't really mind.  At least I know who the players are.  The Red Sox are not going, and that makes me sad.  They have been there every year since I have  watching baseball, which really isn't that long.  Regular season is over, and I will miss watching baseball on t.v., which I find to be very peaceful.

More good things: I have two new followers, my friend Shelly from Creswell, and Natasha at 5 Minutes Just for Me.  Natasha lives in Australia and has an awesome blog, so make sure you take a look!  

There are even more good things:  I have a wonderful husband, wonderful parents, wonderful kids and grand kids and a wonderful huge extended family.  My dogs are healthy and fine. I am blessed with so many great friends.  I am feeling happy and content right now, for these few moments.  Thank you, Lord, for your love and for your many blessings!

Every cloud has a silver lining, you guys.  Remember that!  Hey, look, here is proof:

Please click on these to enlarge for better viewing.

Mayberry has great clouds, but I am beginning to think that you can't beat Kansas clouds, no matter how hard you try.  I took these two while I was in Kansas.  Plus, if you look closely at the bottom one, you might see something looking right back at you (after you enlarge it).
I hope that you guys all have a wonderful week!

~ Kathy

P.S. -  Here is another really cool thing that has happened recently.  Our great-nephews, those competitive BMX racing boys, went to the state championships the weekend before last.  Their efforts resulted in them placing for their age groups for the whole state: 

Treavor came in 3rd (age 13)

Christian came in 7th (age 12)

 Jason came in 6th (age 9)

 Isaiah came in 7th (age 6)

When the boys are not busy racing, they try 
to keep their Mom and Dad out of jail:

What did you two do this time, Brian and Shelly?

You have great boys and we are so proud of them!


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hi Kathy - Dealing with loss does suck, you're right. I'm sorry for yours, especially crowded together. Makes it doubly difficult. You're optimism in the face of all that is wonderful. That you can list all the blessings says a lot about you! And you do have many blessings. Congratulations to your boys!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much. I really wasn't feeling sorry for myself when I wrote that, but when I think of Cody that does make me tear up. I just found it kind of odd that so many people are leaving us right now.

I do feel blessed and loved ... so what more can I even ask for? It is all about celebrating the positive on here anyway. Cary woke up feeling better too.

Those boys are so cute, aren't they?

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