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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebrating My Online Friends:

I have been thinking about this all weekend, how grateful I am for my new online, blogging friends.  I am grateful for all of my readers, and it is fun when some of you turn into real friends.  

Until a few months ago, I was an individual blogger and not really part of a blogging community.  Now I am reading other blogs, leaving comments, and entering contests.  It is fun, and it is a blessing to get to know others with similar interests that I would not otherwise meet.

Becky Povich @ changed this for me, really.  Becky emailed me a few months back and began a friendship, and then she shared me with her friends.  That led me to Lisa Claro @ "Writing in the Buff" .  I am hoping there will be many more online friendships, and am taking Becky's example of reaching out to others and extending my hand in friendship.  I found a new blog this weekend that is super special, and wrote a note to  Jodie @ "everything vintage"

My online friends leave comments and give me feedback.  They encourage me when I begin to doubt myself, or my work.  These are people that I did not know before I began my blog.  (My Facebook friends are people I have known for a long time, and many of them read my blog, but they usually leave their comments on Facebook for me.  Thanks, you guys!)

Links to the list of blogs that I enjoy are on the sidebar.  I have changed the format so that now I can see when somebody has posted something new.  I am apparently drawn to those who belong to writing groups, to those who are homemakers, to those who decorate beautifully, and to those blogs who are kind of like mine in their eclecticism as they feature their lives in their own little part of the world.

Blogging reminds me of that old song:

It's a Small World

It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world

There is just one moon
And one golden sun
And a smile means
Friendship to every one
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world

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BECKY said...

Awwww, Kathy!! You've made my day...and just in time, too, because it's almost midnight, my time! :)
How very sweet of you to mention me the way you did. And I feel the same about you and my other new (and old!) blogger buddies! It's amazing how our friendships grew almost immediately! Thanks for being YOU, and for being so receptive when I did contact you those few short months ago!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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