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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Perfect Summer Day Off:

Yesterday was as close to a perfect day as one could ask for.  It was hot and sunny, I had no big plans, and I didn't have to go anywhere.  It was a day off.  A day where nothing was pressing, and I could choose to do with it as I pleased.

So, I did these things:  I made the Las Vegas blog post (which took a long time because I couldn't find the photos at first).  I planted four planters with wildflower seeds, I washed my car and I made a great tuna salad.  I chatted with friends on Facebook.  I chopped up and dehydrated strawberries, mushrooms, blueberries and celery.  I sat out in the hot sun, letting the lemon juice lighten my hair, and I began reading two books (I talk about one of them in the post below, and the other is an old favorite, Mauve Benchy's Copper Beech).  

I watched a good game of baseball that lasted 13 innings:  The Mariners and The Cubbies.  And my husband came home early from his day of putting out fires to join me.  The Mariners lost, but it was a fun game to watch.

I also started getting things ready to sew.  FINALLY!!!  The little things pictured above will be beanbags.  Easy and fun to make.  I sewed the buttons on them last night.  I am going to start with making toys, dolls and kids games.  Unless I change my mind and make some bags and baby blankets.  Or decide to make some  "corn bags" (hot and cold packs).   It doesn't matter to me, as long and I am actually sewing something.  I will go with the flow. 

Today I will enter the real world and stop by and help Cary with what he needs, but yesterday was like a day of rest ... kind of like a Sabbath day.  I am grateful that I had the chance to relax and only do the things that appealed to me.  Reading over this, it seems like I did get lot done, but it was done at a leisurely pace and was of free will.  If only all days could be like that!

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