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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday morning breakfast in Gilchrist followed by a tour of an abandoned gravel pit ...

Casey stayed over night with us on Saturday night.  At 10:00, we picked up Darlene and drove down to Gilchrist to have breakfast at the Gilchrist Family Restaurant.   Kari, my daughter, and Rick, her dad, joined us.  They were both very tired since they had been working in the Pine Room very late the night before.  We had a very nice visit and the food was great!

Later on in the afternoon Cary and I were talking about how nice it is that everybody gets along these days.  When it comes down to it, outside of a few good friends, my family are the ones always there for me, whether they like me much at the time or not.  They have my back.  Cary and I do have a really neat, big family and a divorce or two along the way wasn't enough to destroy the family unit.  Thank goodness.  

Kari, Rick and Casey

Papa Rick and Casey

It is hard for even a high speed setting 
to catch this boy when he moves!

These two are pretty close.

Cary, Me and Darlene.  I am growing my hair out, 
but I think it needs a trim.  I'll need to get on that.

After we finished up, said goodbye, and got into the car, Cary suggested that we take a short drive to where the old gravel pit that he and his Dad used to mine.  They were leasing it and had the wash plant set up and then hauled material daily to the current pit near La Pine.  

Here are some pictures of the abandoned sand and gravel pit near Crescent:


The office.

These pipes have been there for 10 years or so.  
They marked where the trucks were supposed to stop.

Darlene enjoys the view from the car.
The car that needs to be washed.
I am nice and sit in the back seat.  
Actually in this car, that isn't so bad.

On the way out, there is a cool little bridge.  Cary said that when they were working there, no guard rails were up and he was always afraid that somebody would end up in the creek.  They never did though.

This little creek was so pretty.

A lovely high desert meadow.

Then we came across a fishing and swimming area.

It even had a nice big parking lot.

What a nice summer morning we had!
Have I mentioned how much I love Oregon?

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