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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheap Tune-Ups: Beauty aids from around the house ...

Hey, do you guys like the new look of my blog?  I didn't want to redo everything, I just wanted to make it a little bit prettier.  It makes the sidebar kind of hard to read, but you can point on any thing on there and it will turn bold black so you can see better.  Thanks, once again, to "The Cutest Block on The Block"  website

Sometimes I want to spruce up me a little bit too.  I am a pretty low maintenance kind of girl as far as hair, nails and clothes go.  I prefer to spend money on photo paper, ink, craft supplies, food, and stuff for our house.  I have been coloring my hair for around 12 years now, so I am up to spending $8.00 per month on that.  Because we have so much iron and tannins in our water, I cannot justify spending a lot of money to be a blonde and then having our water turn my hair red.  I am just thinking practical here.  

Then, yesterday, I remembered about how we used to put lemon juice on our hair when we were teens.  So, I gave it a try.  I applied it to my dry hair and sat out in the sun to read my book.  I put it on the roots and then combed more through the rest of my hair with my fingers.  Results?  I don't know, I was only out there for an hour because I got too hot.  Still, it ended up giving my fine hair lots of body, which I didn't expect.  So, after I washed my hair today, I put some more lemon juice in while my hair was still wet.  The only problem that I can foresee at this point is getting dandruff from the lemon juice.

Then I thought, hey, I wonder what lemon juice will do to the age spots on my face that I got when I was taking the peanut hormones a couple of years ago when I was going through menopause?  So, before my three layers of moisturizers, I slapped on a little lemon juice to each side of my face where the spots are.  We'll need to wait a while to see the results on that too, I suppose.  Unless this turns out to be a real miracle cure.

Last weekend, I was looking up how to make a compost pile on the  computer.  Surfing the net to glean ideas of how to responsibly recycle my coffee grounds and egg shells and the like.  In my search, I found a little website, Kitchen, with a bunch of recipes for all kinds of things, including how to make your own base cream for skin lotion.  Here is the recipe that they have on their website, and the link to their beauty page:

Basic Lotion

1 oz. solid fat (shea butter, cocoa butter, etc.)
3 oz. skin oil (almond, olive, ect..)
2 oz. Rosewater (or herbwater of your choice)
5 drops oil of rose
5 drops essential oil of your choice

Melt the solid oil in a double boiler. Add the oil and Rosewater alternately, a bit at a time, stirring continuously. Remove from heat. Add essential oil and stir in completely. Pour into a 6-8oz. bottle. Shake almost continuously until cooled.

I swear, I saw some where that the fat can even be shortening.  How hard can it be to mix this stuff up and give it a try?  In my spare time I am going to start working on this kind of thing.  The bath salts were a big success, by the way.  Just be careful, because the almond oil makes the bathtub very slippery.  But your skin does get very soft and silky.

Okay, time get off of here and get on with my day.  Everybody have a wonderful and blessed Wednesday!

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