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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Johnny's All-Star Tournament:

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

 It was a cold and windy day in Kelso, Washington last Thursday.  Cary and I drove from Tigard to attend our grandson Johnny's baseball all-star game.  The Black Hills Team ended up winning that tournament and the one after, and took state.  Next, they will be playing in the regional tournament; and if all goes well, we may end up seeing them on t.v. in Virginia sometime soon.  But, one step at a time.  Meanwhile, we had so much fun that day.

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Kathy and Shanna

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
Handsome Johnny, is at pitcher and all-around great player.  Last year, when he was nine, he hit it out of the park twice!

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
Johnny now has the nickname, "Hollywood".  Some of us think that he looks just like his Grandpa Cary.  

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Our team won!  I asked the boys for their autographs, and they were quite excited about that.  One was nervous about signing it right, wondering if he could go by his initials or if he should spell his name out.  I told him, "Honey, either way is fine.  I'm so lucky to get your autograph that I don't care how you sign it!"  That made him feel good.  I guess that I was interrupting the coaches' after-the-game review, and I did feel a bit embarrassed about that.  Sorry!

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
My prized souvenir of the day!

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Near the end of the first game, Cary caught a foul ball with one hand.  Good thing it was his right one! 

After the game, we went to Stuffy's in Kelso for lunch.  I took lots of pictures in there, and will do a post on that joint soon.  It has a lot of vintage items on display, and the servings were huge.  Here is how big their cinnamon rolls are:

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Hollywood Jr., John, and Hollywood.  (We nick-named Grandpa Cary Hollywood, Jr.)  After lunch, we drove back to the ball-field.  It was much windier by that time, and we were cold.  Especially after being inside the warm diner for a while.

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
Cary warmed up by drinking hot coffee.

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

I ruffled through what was in the car in my overnight bag.  The day before had been so hot, and I was sunburned.  Dang.  I found socks, a cotton swimsuit cover-up and some leggings.  Shanna's friend Karen found a few good things in her car too. 

 Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
Shanna's method of staying warm was more traditional.  

We really had fun meeting everybody and hanging out.  The boys did a great job, and it certainly wasn't like watching t-ball.  They were real professionals, and their coaches are awesome.

Here is the slide show that I put together of the games:

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BECKY said...

Oh, how funny it looks to see y'all bundled up in the middle of JULY! But, I know that's possible in Oregon! You guys all look so cute in your "modeling" photo, too. You always look so happy, Kathy!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Welcome home, Kathy! It looks like you had a great trip. And congratulations to Johnny Hollywood and his team! Great photos of the kids. It is so hot here in CT, that I can't believe that you ladies looked so cold in the pictures and are all bundled up! And I am looking forward to your post of "Stuffy's" as I LOVE looking at FOOD pictures! LOL! Those cinnamon buns look out of this world.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Becky,

It was so cold. When I was leaving Nancy's house, you could see this huge cloud bank rolling in from the west and it only got worse. Most of my stuff was at the hotel, so I didn't really have anything warm with me, unless you counted my sweat shirt. Also, since it is my blog, it is my policy to only pick pictures of me that look good, lol.

Hi Gloria,

Thanks! I'll catch up on the little stories like Stuffy's soon. The kids were so cute, weren't they?

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

So happy you had a wonderful time. Your post is infused with excitement and pride, and just a lot of happy! Thanks for sharing it.

Lynn said...

I'm sure Hollywood is going to be so happy that you've posted this. How fun!

KathyB. said...

What a handsome AND talented grandson. This looks like one of those memorable family times full of joy & celebration, and it is good for all you have caught it on camera and blog!

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