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Monday, December 7, 2009

The COLD and Snowy Weekend:

This weekend was cold, really cold.  And, it is going to get even colder, starting now.  A frigid arctic cold front has arrived.  The high today is supposed to get to 18* and the low several degrees below zero, with winds blowing at 25 mph.   We were warned of the low temps, but the snow was somehow a surprise.  We got about 3" at our house, but parts of Bend received a foot.  We usually get more than they do ... not this time.

Can you see how cold it is in these two pictures, taken yesterday?  I was trying to get a picture of the wind blowing the snow all over the place, but I learned that is just a tad bit easier than catching a flash of lightening.  I finally got too cold and went back into the house.


By the way, we are not wussies about cold around here.  We think that 30* and snowing is just fine.  That happens frequently in La Pine during the winter months.  The temperatures we have now are not usual for this area.  Thank goodness!  

As I write this post, I can hear the wind blowing the Midstate thermometer outside the front door, and it just makes me shiver.  I feel so bad for those who have to be outside in this miserable cold.

I was busy this weekend though.  I got to work on making more presents.  (Warning: If you are a relative, please skip this part, so you can be surprised on Christmas Day.Like that is really going stop 'em.

 I worked on these things.  They are easy and fun things to make, and my family seems to enjoy them.

I made 17 cookie mixes.  I would have made more, but I ran out of chocolate chips.  I'll pick some up today when I go to Bi Mart, which I have to do, now that I am out of dog food.  Dang, I wish I would have gotten that the other day.

I had made the playdough a while 
back, but was re-packaging it on Saturday.

I took the homemade Kahlua out of the canning jars and repackaged them.  I still need to find corks for these bottles, or figure out another type of bottle to use.  I had made it on October 21, so it should be pretty good by Christmas.

In addition, I started sewing gift bags for Little Missy's classroom.  I'll show a picture of those when I get done.

Have a wonderful day, and stay warm!

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